SUNY General Education Requirement Courses at UB

SUNY General Education Courses
Subject Catalog Number Title SUNY General Education Requirement
AAS100LECIntro African Amer StdsHumanities
AAS117SEMHip Hop and Social IssuesHumanities
AAS118LECIntro African Amer MusHumanities
AAS119SEMRes:Essen Comp SkillsHumanities
AAS128SEMPublic Policies&Social JusticeHumanities
AAS146SEMPeople in InstitutionsHumanities
AAS184LECClassic Black ProseHumanities
AAS184SEMClassic Black ProseHumanities
AAS202SEMThghts: Macolm Mlk, EtcHumanities
AAS209LECStory of Arican Art & CultureHumanities
AAS215SEMEssay in the Afr Am ExpHumanities
AAS219SEMWmn of Color&the Amer ExpHumanities
AAS225SEMViolence in Gender WorldHumanities
AAS227SEMThe Feminist EssayHumanities
AAS241SEMWomen in Devlp CountriesHumanities
AAS253LECBlacks in Films 1Arts
AAS253LECBlacks in Films 1Humanities
AAS254LECBlacks in Films 2Arts
AAS254LECBlacks in Films 2Humanities
AAS260LECMaj Issue Af American StdsHumanities
AAS261LECAfrican American HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
AAS261LECAfrican American HistoryHumanities
AAS264SEMBlack Child in AmericaHumanities
AAS265SEMEvol Spiritual Gospel MusHumanities
AAS270LECMaj Issues Carib StudiesHumanities
AAS275SEMBlack and FemaleHumanities
AAS280LECSurvey of African StudiesHumanities
AAS290SEMReform Racism Civil WarHumanities
AAS291SEMThe African American ArtistHumanities
AAS292SEMAfr-Afr/Am Cultrl NatlismHumanities
AAS293SEMRace, Law & SocietyHumanities
AAS294SEMMinorities & EducationHumanities
AAS295SEMBlack Gender StudiesHumanities
AAS296SEMRacial & Reverse DiscrimHumanities
AAS301LECAfr/Am Literature: ProseHumanities
AAS302SEMBlack Writers: WomenHumanities
AAS303LECAfr/Am Literature: PoetryHumanities
AAS305LECSong, Sex & SoulHumanities
AAS306SEMStruc of Urban PolicyHumanities
AAS307SEMBlack Theatre in Latin AmHumanities
AAS312SEMGender Issues Cont AfricaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AAS312SEMGender Issues Cont AfricaHumanities
AAS314SEMBlack PhilosophyHumanities
AAS315LECAncient Africa CivilizsHumanities
AAS318SEMBlack Presnc Lat Am CultHumanities
AAS320SEMResearch MethodsHumanities
AAS324LECAfrican American LitHumanities
AAS326LECAfr-Am Political DevHumanities
AAS327SEMCurrent African AffairsHumanities
AAS328LECDeveloping African NationsHumanities
AAS330LECEconomy of the UnderclassHumanities
AAS333LECRace,Ethnicity & EducationHumanities
AAS337TUTSupervised TeachingHumanities
AAS341SEMHist of African Amer MusicHumanities
AAS345SEMAmerican EthnicitiesHumanities
AAS346LECSoc/Pol Change in AfricaHumanities
AAS350SEMIdentity PoliticsHumanities
AAS355SEMRace, Class & SocietyHumanities
AAS356SEMAfr/Am Myths & FolkwaysHumanities
AAS358SEMAfrica Diaspora:Soc EvolHumanities
AAS361SEMSlavery/Underground RRHumanities
AAS363TUTJr Sem: Dir ReadingsHumanities
AAS367LECCommunication and the LawHumanities
AAS370LECColonialism in AfricaHumanities
AAS372LECSelected Afro-Am WritersHumanities
AAS375SEMAfrican's View of Am BlackHumanities
AAS377SEMCaribbean LiteratureHumanities
AAS386SEMMale/Female RelationshipsHumanities
AAS391LECBlack Fam Old World & NewHumanities
AAS392SEMThe Black ChurchHumanities
AAS393LECSurv Black Middle ClassHumanities
AAS393SEMSurv Black Middle ClassHumanities
AAS414SEMHealth Prob Black CommunHumanities
AAS415SEMBlack Face/White ForumHumanities
AAS416SEMBlack-White View of AmerHumanities
AAS417SEMBlack AestheticsHumanities
AAS425SEMLiberation StrugglesHumanities
AAS460SEMBlack Women in US HistoryHumanities
AAS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
AED101LRCollege PhysicsNatural Sciences
AHI101LRSurvey Egypt to RenaissArts
AHI102LRSurvy Ital Renais to CntmArts
AHI103LECArt History: Non-WesternArts
AHI105LECMythology in the Ancient WorldArts
AHI107SEMInto Methds/Rsrch in AhiArts
AHI111LRWorld Civilization and ArtArts
AHI111LRWorld Civilization and ArtCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AHI150LRAvant GardesArts
AHI150LRAvant GardesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
AHI150LRAvant GardesHumanities
AHI155LECIntro Contemp ArtArts
AHI204LECMythology in Ancient ArtArts
AHI206LECIntro to Chinese ArtArts
AHI207LECArt of IslamArts
AHI210LECArt of the Middle AgesArts
AHI251LECIntro to Modern ArtArts
AHI254LEC19c ArtArts
AHI258LECImpressionism & Post Impress.Arts
AHI262LECAmerica in Art: An IntroArts
AHI275LECArt & RevolutionArts
AHI281LECMedieval ArtArts
AHI287LECIntro Greek ArchaeologyArts
AHI287LECIntro Greek ArchaeologyHumanities
AHI289LECIntro Grk Archaeology IIArts
AHI300TUTJunior TutorialArts
AHI301LECArt & Archeology of EgyptArts
AHI302LECArt of GreeceArts
AHI303LECGreece,Egypt & Holy LandArts
AHI304LECNarration in Ancient ArtArts
AHI305LECGreek SculptureArts
AHI307LECArt of Early GreeceArts
AHI308LECArt & Archeology of RomeArts
AHI310LECEarly Medieval ArtArts
AHI311LECIndigenous Arts:Pst,PrsntArts
AHI312LECRomanesque ArtArts
AHI318LECHeaven, Hell & JudgementArts
AHI318LECHeaven, Hell & JudgementHumanities
AHI320LECNorthern Renaissance ArtArts
AHI322LECItalian Renaissance ArtArts
AHI324LECItalian Mannerist ArtArts
AHI325LECGreek Art & MythologyArts
AHI328LECRenaissance ArchitectureArts
AHI330LECItalian Baroque ArtArts
AHI331LECMichelangelo and His EraArts
AHI332LECRembrandt and His EraArts
AHI334LECNA Art: Econ Renewal/RuinArts
AHI335LEC17c North European ArtArts
AHI336LECGreek Archaeology 1Arts
AHI339LECRoman Archaeology IIArts
AHI342LECPhoto & the Colonial GazeArts
AHI343LECJapanese ArchitectureArts
AHI344LECJapanese Painting/PrintsArts
AHI345LECChnese Paintng Premod-PsntArts
AHI346LECChnese Paintng/CalligrphyArts
AHI347LECAfrican American ArtArts
AHI349SEMJunior SeminarArts
AHI350LEC18 Cent European Art/IdeaArts
AHI352LEC19c ArchitectureArts
AHI355LECPaintg & Sculpt:1789-1850Arts
AHI360LECFrank Lloyd WrightArts
AHI363SEMEakins and HomerArts
AHI364LECAmerican RealismsArts
AHI365LECVictorian AmericaArts
AHI372LECArt Between WW1 & 2Arts
AHI380LECImage and GenderArts
AHI386LECModern ArchitectureArts
AHI387LECAmerican ArtArts
AHI390LECAmer Arch As Am PluralismArts
AHI390LECAmer Arch As Am PluralismCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
AHI391LECAmerican ArchitectureArts
AHI395LECContemporary ArtArts
AHI400TUTSenior TutorialArts
AHI448LECHistory of PhotographyArts
AHI461LECArchitectl PreservationArts
AHI480SEMSeminar Museum StudiesArts
AHI999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
AMS100LECIndian Image On FilmArts
AMS100LECIndian Image On FilmCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AMS100LECIndian Image On FilmHumanities
AMS102LECThe Asian American ExperHumanities
AMS103LECIntro African Amer StdsHumanities
AMS104LECIntro Indigenous New WorldHumanities
AMS107LECIntro American StudiesHumanities
AMS111SEMHip Hop and Social IssuesHumanities
AMS112SEMEthnicity & Urban SocietyHumanities
AMS113SEMAmer Lives & EnvirnmtsHumanities
AMS114SEMAmer Lives & EnvirnmtsHumanities
AMS115LECAmer Lives & EnvirnmtsHumanities
AMS122SEMArt & Socl ConsciousnessHumanities
AMS124SEMWriters WorkshopHumanities
AMS125SEMFeminist Acting WorkshopHumanities
AMS126SEMTopics in Arts & CultureHumanities
AMS128SEMAfro-Latin Musical PraxisHumanities
AMS141SEMLiving & Dying in AmericaHumanities
AMS145LECCities of the WorldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AMS145LECCities of the WorldHumanities
AMS146SEMPeople in InstitutionsHumanities
AMS150SEMTopics:Music in Daily LifHumanities
AMS161SEMNatural World PerspectivsHumanities
AMS162SEMNew World ImaginationsHumanities
AMS169SEMCross Cultural TopicsHumanities
AMS179SEMIntro to Native Amer HistHumanities
AMS197SEMSeneca LanguageHumanities
AMS198SEMLanguage of the Seneca 1Humanities
AMS203LECAmerican WarsHumanities
AMS205LECAmer Norms & DeviationsHumanities
AMS206LECWomen in the Global SystemHumanities
AMS207LECU S in the WorldHumanities
AMS209LECMusics of the WorldHumanities
AMS213SEMWomen in Contempry SoctyHumanities
AMS214SEMWomen in Contempry SoctyHumanities
AMS215LECWomen's LanguageHumanities
AMS219SEMWmn of Color&the Amer ExpHumanities
AMS222SEMMens Roles & Amer CultureHumanities
AMS223LECViolence in the Gendered WorldHumanities
AMS226SEMYourself in FictionHumanities
AMS227SEMFeminist Essay:Wrtg WkshpHumanities
AMS230SEMIntro Mothers & DaughtersHumanities
AMS231SEMSurv of Native Amer HistHumanities
AMS234LECWomen in the Middle EastHumanities
AMS238LECWmn, Work, Fam in 20 CentHumanities
AMS240SEMAsian WomenHumanities
AMS241SEMThird World WomenHumanities
AMS247SEMWomen in Latin AmericaHumanities
AMS257LECThe City in U S HistHumanities
AMS260SEMWomen and HealthHumanities
AMS262SEMCritical ReadingHumanities
AMS264SEMBlack Child in AmericaHumanities
AMS265SEMSexuality and DiasporaHumanities
AMS272LECNative American LiteraturHumanities
AMS275SEMBlack & FemaleHumanities
AMS279SEMContemp Prob Amer IndiansHumanities
AMS281SEMNative Am & the ColonistHumanities
AMS282LECAm Indian Identity CrisisHumanities
AMS285SEMNat World Vs Legal WorldHumanities
AMS287SEMWomen in CrisisHumanities
AMS290LECAmerican Women WritersHumanities
AMS293SEMRace, Law & SocietyHumanities
AMS294SEMSex Violence&Racism in USHumanities
AMS297LECWelfare & Impact On PoorHumanities
AMS301SEMIntro to Native American WomenCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AMS301SEMIntro to Native American WomenHumanities
AMS302SEMPolitics of Food/EatingHumanities
AMS303SEMPolitics of LoveHumanities
AMS304LECTech & Public PolicyHumanities
AMS305LRAmer Cultural DevelopmentHumanities
AMS306SEMNative American AestheticsHumanities
AMS307SEMNative American ArtHumanities
AMS308SEMWomen Locked UpHumanities
AMS309LRNew Research On WomenHumanities
AMS312LECCulture and ReproductionHumanities
AMS315SEMCross-Cult Study of WomnHumanities
AMS317SEMFemst Apprchs to the FamHumanities
AMS318SEMFamily As InstitutionHumanities
AMS319SEMBlack Presnc - Lat Am CultHumanities
AMS320LECIssues in Counslg WomenHumanities
AMS321SEMPolitcl Econ Womens LibHumanities
AMS322LECLatina/o American CinemaHumanities
AMS324SEMMnlnd Caribbean ExprncHumanities
AMS325SEMContemp Afro-Carib RelignHumanities
AMS327LECModern British LiteratureHumanities
AMS334SEMWomn Writers Wkshp PoetryHumanities
AMS335SEMWomen WritersHumanities
AMS339SEMSocl Hist Aging PerspectHumanities
AMS341SEMHist Women in EducationHumanities
AMS343LECHuman EcologyHumanities
AMS345LECBuffalo Stud Envir & HistHumanities
AMS346SEMEngage the CityHumanities
AMS350LECLabor History & WomenHumanities
AMS355SEMTheories of FeminismHumanities
AMS356LECSoc Hist Women 1875-PresHumanities
AMS358SEMAfrica Diaspora:Soc EvolHumanities
AMS360SEMPrep Sem Teach Womns StudHumanities
AMS364SEMResearch MethodsHumanities
AMS366LECSexual Subcultures/AmericaHumanities
AMS380SEMWomen in Workg Class CommHumanities
AMS385LECAppro to Literat WomenHumanities
AMS386LECWriting CriticismHumanities
AMS388LECKinship & Socl StructureHumanities
AMS389LECModern Gay LiteratureHumanities
AMS394SEMCity in U S & AsiaHumanities
AMS395SEMChang Role Blk WomenHumanities
AMS409LECAmer Working Class WomanHumanities
AMS412SEMWomen in the ProfessionsHumanities
AMS417SEMFieldwork AmericasHumanities
AMS424SEMRef Am His Blk Wmn ActvstHumanities
AMS425LECNative Amer Legal SituatnHumanities
AMS429LECCultural PoliticsHumanities
AMS430SEMLit & Pol: Louise ErdrichHumanities
AMS432SEMApplied SociomusicologyHumanities
AMS435SEMHist of Working WomenHumanities
AMS439LECContemporary Amer FictionHumanities
AMS446SEMBuffalo Admin of JusticeHumanities
AMS455SEMCross Cult RetrospectsHumanities
AMS457SEMProb Amer Urban HistoryHumanities
AMS459SEMPower and Social PolicyHumanities
AMS466LECWmn Work & Social ChangeHumanities
AMS475SEMLanguages of the TheatreHumanities
AMS485SEMWomen in TheatreHumanities
AMS488RECViolence and NonviolenceHumanities
AMS490LECAutomation and SocietyHumanities
AMS491SEMLevelling Latin Am PeopleHumanities
AMS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ANA113LLBHuman AnatomyNatural Sciences
APY104LECGreat Sites and Lost TribesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
APY104LECGreat Sites and Lost TribesHumanities
APY104LECGreat Sites and Lost TribesSocial Sciences
APY105LECIntro to AnthropologyCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
APY105LECIntro to AnthropologyHumanities
APY105LECIntro to AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY106LECIntro:Cultural AnthropologyCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
APY106LECIntro:Cultural AnthropologyHumanities
APY106LECIntro:Cultural AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY107LECIntro to Physical APYSocial Sciences
APY108LECIntro to ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY168LECMyth & Religion Anc WorldHumanities
APY168LECMyth & Religion Anc WorldSocial Sciences
APY262LECAnthropology & JusticeSocial Sciences
APY275LECCulture, Health, and IllnessHumanities
APY275LECCulture, Health, and IllnessSocial Sciences
APY276LECIntro to EthnomedicineSocial Sciences
APY304LECFood and CultureSocial Sciences
APY311LECPsychological AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY312LECCulture and ReproductionSocial Sciences
APY313LECAnthropology and FilmSocial Sciences
APY315SEMCross-Cult Study of WomenSocial Sciences
APY318LECAnthropology of WarCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
APY318LECAnthropology of WarHumanities
APY318LECAnthropology of WarSocial Sciences
APY320SEMSem in Cognitive APYSocial Sciences
APY323LECAPY & EducationSocial Sciences
APY324LECApprchs:Study of ReligionSocial Sciences
APY325SEMContemp Afro-Carib RelignHumanities
APY326LECNear East & Mideast PrehiSocial Sciences
APY330LECPrehistory of EuropeSocial Sciences
APY331LECArchaeology of New WorldSocial Sciences
APY333LECNorth Amer ArchSocial Sciences
APY334LECPeople of South East AsiaSocial Sciences
APY338LABField Res ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY341LECIntro to Primate BehaviorSocial Sciences
APY344LECAnimal CommunicationSocial Sciences
APY345LECCompar Primate AnatomySocial Sciences
APY346LABPrimate DissectionsSocial Sciences
APY347LECUnderstanding Hum VariationSocial Sciences
APY348LECForensic Anthro OsteologySocial Sciences
APY349LECHuman GeneticsSocial Sciences
APY353LECOld World PrehistorySocial Sciences
APY366LECPeoples of AsiaSocial Sciences
APY367LECMesoamerican ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY368LECTheories in ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY369LECPeople of Sub-Saharan AfrSocial Sciences
APY377LECMagic, Sorcery & WitchcraftSocial Sciences
APY380SEMMyth, Ritual, & SymbolSocial Sciences
APY382LECIndians of South AmericaSocial Sciences
APY384SEMBook of Ancient MayasSocial Sciences
APY393LECAnthropology of ReligionSocial Sciences
APY394LECShamans & Healers in S AmericaSocial Sciences
APY401LECTheory in AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY402SEMContemporary EuropeSocial Sciences
APY409SEMPrimate Social Behavior & OrgSocial Sciences
APY411SEM4 Horsemen of the ApocalSocial Sciences
APY414SEMMuseum ManagementSocial Sciences
APY427LECComparative UrbanismSocial Sciences
APY429LECAnthro of ArchitectureSocial Sciences
APY432LECPeoples of the ArcticSocial Sciences
APY435SEMArchaeological TechniquesSocial Sciences
APY437LECCelt Anglo-Saxon VikingSocial Sciences
APY439SEMLab Tech in ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY440LECHistory of ArchaeologySocial Sciences
APY441SEMAnthro DemographySocial Sciences
APY444SEMEthology PracticumSocial Sciences
APY448SEMHum Genetics-Legal EthSocial Sciences
APY449SEMMayan CivilizationSocial Sciences
APY457LECEvolutionary Bio of HumansSocial Sciences
APY474LECCities and CulturesSocial Sciences
APY476LECHealth Care in U.S.Social Sciences
APY477SEMCulture and DisabilitySocial Sciences
APY480SEMCollapse of CivilizationSocial Sciences
APY490SEMEconomic AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY492LECPolitical & Legal AnthropologySocial Sciences
APY999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
APY999TRASCArea Studies ElectiveSocial Sciences
APY999TRASCPPetition for Area ElectiveSocial Sciences
APY999TRELEElective RequirementSocial Sciences
APY999TRELEPPetition for Elective Cr.Social Sciences
APY999TRPRCPracticum ElectiveSocial Sciences
APY999TRPRCPPetition for PracticumSocial Sciences
APY999TRPTCProblem/Theoretical Elec.Social Sciences
APY999TRPTCPPetition Prob/Theo ElecSocial Sciences
ARC121LECIntroduction to ArchitectureArts
ARC121LECIntroduction to ArchitectureHumanities
ARC122LLBArchitecturl Sketchng & EnvirnArts
ARC122LLBArchitecturl Sketchng & EnvirnHumanities
ARC211LLBAmerican Diversity & DesignArts
ARC211LLBAmerican Diversity & DesignCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
ARC231LRArch History: Ancient - 1450Arts
ARC231LRArch History: Ancient - 1450Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
ARC234LRArch History: 1450 - PresentArts
ARC234LRArch History: 1450 - PresentCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ARC280LECEnvironment & LandscapesHumanities
ARC280LECEnvironment & LandscapesSocial Sciences
ARC352LABStructures 1 LabNatural Sciences
ARC352LECStructures 1Natural Sciences
ARC433LEC20th Centry Architctr & UrbanArts
ARC433LEC20th Centry Architctr & UrbanCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ARI101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem ArabicHumanities
ARI101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem ArabicLanguages
ARI102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem ArabicHumanities
ARI102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem ArabicLanguages
ARI201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem ArabicHumanities
ARI201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem ArabicLanguages
ARI202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem ArabicHumanities
ARI202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem ArabicLanguages
ARI999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ART105LAB2D ConceptsArts
ART110LABStudio 2: Construct BodyArts
ART111LABDrawing FundamentalsArts
ART112LABDrawing Fundamentals 2Arts
ART113LABStructural DevelopmentArts
ART119LABDesign FundamentalsArts
ART120LAB3D ConceptsArts
ART121LABSurface DevelopmentArts
ART128LABIntermedia 2Arts
ART135LABSelf and RepresentationArts
ART140LABTime Based ConceptsArts
ART150LECVisual Theory Aesth & CritArts
ART152LRIntro Visual StudiesArts
ART155LABIntro to New MediaArts
ART200LABDrawing for Non-Majors 1Arts
ART202LABRelief and LetterpressArts
ART205LABIntaglio and CollagraphArts
ART207LABDrawing ConceptsArts
ART208LABDrawing II:Material & MarkArts
ART210LABIntro to PhotographyArts
ART211LABBasic PaintingArts
ART212LABPainting & Popular CultureArts
ART213LABIntro PhotographyArts
ART216LABPictorial StructureArts
ART219LABVisual LiteracyArts
ART221LABTypographic FormArts
ART222LABGraphic Reproduction ProcArts
ART223LABFigure Drawing 1Arts
ART225LABLithography and MonotypeArts
ART229LABIntroduction to Sculpture IArts
ART230LABBasic Sculpture 2Arts
ART231LABPainting Non Major 1Arts
ART232LABPainting Non Major 2Arts
ART240LECHistory of Graphic DesignArts
ART242LABIntro to IllustrationArts
ART243LABIntroduction to Sculpture IIArts
ART247LABIntroduction to PrintsArts
ART250LABIntroduction to Digital ArtArts
ART259LABIntro to Screen PrintArts
ART285LABView Camera & DarkroomArts
ART304LABScreen Print ExtendedArts
ART305LABIntaglio Concepts 1Arts
ART306LABIntaglio, Relief ExtendedArts
ART307LABThematic Drawing 1Arts
ART309LABDesign and AuthorshipArts
ART310LABPhotography Summer WkshpArts
ART311LABAltern Pnting StrategiesArts
ART312LABIndividual Pnting ExploraArts
ART313LABPhoto: Image Apparatus ProgramArts
ART314LABPhoto Extended FieldArts
ART315LABB&W Film PhotoArts
ART316LABPainting BricolageArts
ART319LABGraphic SystemsArts
ART320LABWeb DesignArts
ART322LABTypographic SystemsArts
ART323LABFigure Drawing 3Arts
ART324LABFigure Drawing 4Arts
ART326LABLitho & Monotype ExtendedArts
ART329LABIntermediate Sculpture 1Arts
ART330LABIntermediate Sculpture 2Arts
ART331LLBArt and LifeArts
ART331LLBArt and LifeHumanities
ART333LAB3d Precision Prod ConcptsArts
ART334LABFoundry & Fabrication Techs 2Arts
ART337LABFigure Foundry & CastingArts
ART338LABFigurative Sculpture 2Arts
ART339LABIntro to IllustrationArts
ART340LABHist & Exper Photo TechArts
ART341LABArtist's BooksArts
ART344LABWatercolor PaintingArts
ART348LECHistory of PhotographyArts
ART353LABView CameraArts
ART354LABStudio PhotographyArts
ART356LABImage IdentityArts
ART360LABPhoto Process ImageryArts
ART361LABArt and ResearchArts
ART365LABExperimental PhotographyArts
ART370LABTopics - Photography PracticesArts
ART380LABAlgorithmic ArtArts
ART381LABComputer Motion ImagingArts
ART382LABComputer Modeling & SimulArts
ART383LABInteractive Art & DesignArts
ART385LABComputer Image SynthesisArts
ART387LABTelematics Art and DesignArts
ART401LABProf Practices in PhotoArts
ART402LABTactical MediaArts
ART410LABIntersect Des & CommunityArts
ART411LABProf Practice in Pnting 1Arts
ART412LABProf Practice in Pnting 2Arts
ART419LABIdentity DesignArts
ART422LABDesign and EntrepreneurshipArts
ART423LABFigure Drawing 5Arts
ART424LABFigure Drawing 6Arts
ART426LABInteractive Computer Art 2Arts
ART429LABAdv Sculp Studio Pract 1Arts
ART430LABAdv Sculp Studio Pract 2Arts
ART433LABAdv Casting Fndry Techs 1Arts
ART434LABAdv Casting Fndry Techs 2Arts
ART437LABAdv Figuratv Sculpture 1Arts
ART438LABAdv Figuratv Sculpture 2Arts
ART448SEMStudio Sem PhotographyArts
ART462LABInstallation:Urban SpaceArts
ART464LABBiological ArtArts
ART470LABPhotography - An Art PracticeArts
ART473LABPerformative ActionArts
ART476LABTopics in Print MediaArts
ART479SEMThe Revolutionary SublimeArts
ART480SEMDiscourse & DeconstructionArts
ART489LABReal-Space Electronic ArtArts
ART999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
ART999TRSAEStudio Art ElectiveArts
AS101LECIntro to Asian StudiesHumanities
AS110LECThe Asian American ExperHumanities
AS117LECAsian Am Lit Arts & ActivHumanities
AS11SASpecial Studies Asian StudiesHumanities
AS11SAHOWSpecial Studies Asian StudiesCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS11SAHOWSpecial Studies Asian StudiesHumanities
AS181LECAsian Civilization 1Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS181LECAsian Civilization 1Humanities
AS182LECAsian Civilization 2Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS182LECAsian Civilization 2Humanities
AS190LECAsian American HistoryHumanities
AS220LECCulture & Arts East AsiaHumanities
AS221LECSurvey of Asian LiteratureCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS221LECSurvey of Asian LiteratureHumanities
AS229LECContemp Asian SocietiesHumanities
AS240SEMWomen in Contemporary AsiaHumanities
AS252LECEastern PhilosophyHumanities
AS270LECAsian Amer Women WritersHumanities
AS323LECGender in South LiteratureCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS323LECGender in South LiteratureHumanities
AS343LECIndonesia: Colony to DictatorHumanities
AS347LECFantast World Japanese AnimeCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS347LECFantast World Japanese AnimeHumanities
AS348LECAsian Amer & Visual MediaHumanities
AS368LECMod Japanese HistoryHumanities
AS375LECThe U.S. and East AsiaHumanities
AS383LECTravel Writing in AsiaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS383LECChnese Calgrphy:Thry&PracCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS383LECTravel Writing in AsiaHumanities
AS389LECPirates, Drifters: SE AsiaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS389LECPirates, Drifters: SE AsiaHumanities
AS391LECChina and the WorldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS391LECChina and the WorldHumanities
AS392LECAsian ReligionsHumanities
AS397LECTopics in Asian Amer StdsHumanities
AS410LECCom in Asia/Pacific RimSocial Sciences
AS411LEC4th Sem Classical TibetanHumanities
AS423LECKor Language and CultureHumanities
AS423LECKor Language and CultureLanguages
AS446SEMIslam and LiteratureCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
AS446SEMIslam and LiteratureHumanities
ASL101LEC1st-Year/1st Sem ASLHumanities
ASL101LEC1st-Year/1st Sem ASLLanguages
ASL102LEC1st Yr 2nd Sem Amrcn Sign LangHumanities
ASL102LEC1st Yr 2nd Sem Amrcn Sign LangLanguages
ASL191LEC1st Yr-1st Sem Am Sig LanHumanities
ASL203LEC2nd Year/1st Sem ASLHumanities
ASL203LEC2nd Year/1st Sem ASLLanguages
ASL204LEC2nd Year/2nd Sem ASLHumanities
ASL204LEC2nd Year/2nd Sem ASLLanguages
ASL211LECDeaf Culture in AmHumanities
ASL999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
BIO129LABPerspectives in Human BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO129LECPerspectives in Human BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO130LABPerspectives in Human BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO130LECPerspectives in Human BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO200LLBEvolutionary BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO201LLBCell BiologyNatural Sciences
BIO309LECEcologyNatural Sciences
CDN345LECCanadian PoliticsSocial Sciences
CDS151LECIntro Sp-Lang Path & AudSocial Sciences
CDS286LECPhoneticsSocial Sciences
CDS288LECAnat Physiol Sp MechanSocial Sciences
CDS289LECGeneral & Speech AcousticsSocial Sciences
CDS290LECAudiology: Diag & ManageSocial Sciences
CDS301LECLang Develop in ChildrenSocial Sciences
CDS382LLBApplied Physics of SoundSocial Sciences
CDS387LECPsychoacoustic ScienceSocial Sciences
CDS392LECPhonol Dis: Diag & MgmtSocial Sciences
CDS402LECLang Disord in ChildrenSocial Sciences
CDS428LECNeural Basis of CommunSocial Sciences
CDS469LECStuttering TherapySocial Sciences
CDS480LABClin Observ & ParticipatnSocial Sciences
CDS482LECDiagnostics Com DisordersSocial Sciences
CDS483LABDiagnostics Com DisSocial Sciences
CDS484LECAural RehabilitationSocial Sciences
CDS485LECSpeech Path in SchoolsSocial Sciences
CDS487LECPsychoacoustic ScienceSocial Sciences
CDS492LECPhonol Dis: Diag & MgmtSocial Sciences
CDS999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
CEP207LRBasic Stat & ComputingMathematics
CHE101LLRGeneral ChemistryNatural Sciences
CHE102LLRGeneral ChemistryNatural Sciences
CHE105LLRChemistry-Prin & ApplicNatural Sciences
CHE106LLRChemistry-Prin & ApplicNatural Sciences
CHE107LBRGen Chem for Engineers LAB-RECNatural Sciences
CHE107LLRGen Chem for EngineersNatural Sciences
CHE108LLRGen Chem for EngineersNatural Sciences
CHI100LECBus Chi: ConversationHumanities
CHI100LECBus Chi: ConversationLanguages
CHI101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI104LECTransitl 1st Yr ChineseHumanities
CHI104LECTransitl 1st Yr ChineseLanguages
CHI105LECIntensive 1st Yr ChineseHumanities
CHI105LECIntensive 1st Yr ChineseLanguages
CHI110LECBeginning Business ChiHumanities
CHI110LECBeginning Business ChiLanguages
CHI191LECBegin CHI for Profess 1Humanities
CHI191LECBegin CHI for Profess 1Languages
CHI192LECBegin CHI for Profess 2Humanities
CHI192LECBegin CHI for Profess 2Languages
CHI193LECBegin CHI for Profess 3Humanities
CHI193LECBegin CHI for Profess 3Languages
CHI201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI280LECSurvey of Chinese CultureHumanities
CHI280LECSurvey of Chinese CultureLanguages
CHI301LEC3rd Yr-1st Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI301LEC3rd Yr-1st Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI302LEC3rd Yr, 2nd Sem ChineseHumanities
CHI302LEC3rd Yr, 2nd Sem ChineseLanguages
CHI311LECMasterpieces Chi Lit TranHumanities
CHI322LECMod Chinese Lit in TranslHumanities
CHI341LECLiterary Chinese 1Humanities
CHI341LECLiterary Chinese 1Languages
CHI342LECLiterary Chinese 2Humanities
CHI342LECLiterary Chinese 2Languages
CHI351LECAdv Mod Chinese 1Humanities
CHI371LECBusiness Chinese 1Humanities
CHI372LECBusiness Chinese 2Humanities
CHI372LECBusiness Chinese 2Languages
CHI380LECChi Tradition & GuanxiHumanities
CHI401LECReadings: Chinese CustomsHumanities
CHI401LECReadings: Chinese CustomsLanguages
CHI402LECReadings: Chinese CustomsHumanities
CHI402LECReadings: Chinese CustomsLanguages
CHI410LECIntro to Chinese LinguisticsHumanities
CHI410LECIntro to Chinese LinguisticsLanguages
CHI490TUTDir Readings ChineseHumanities
CHI490TUTDir Readings ChineseLanguages
CHI999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
CHI999TR100100 Level Elective for CHIHumanities
CHI999TR200200 Level Elective for CHIHumanities
CL100LECArc&Rediscov/Classic WorldArts
CL100LECArc&Rediscov/Classic WorldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
CL100LECArc&Rediscov/Classic WorldHumanities
CL105LECGreek & Roman ArchaeologyCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
CL105LECGreek & Roman ArchaeologyHumanities
CL110LECLatest News Ancient WorldCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
CL110LECLatest News Ancient WorldHumanities
CL112LECStone Axe to TankCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
CL112LECStone Axe to TankHumanities
CL113LECMyth & Religion Anc WorldHumanities
CL151LECMedical TerminologyHumanities
CL180LECAncient SportHumanities
CL200LECIntro Classical ArcheologyHumanities
CL202LECArc&Rediscov/Ancient WorldHumanities
CL206LECMythology in Ancient ArtHumanities
CL210LECWomen in the Ancient WorldHumanities
CL211LECAncient Near East & EgyptHumanities
CL212LECSurvey of Greek HistoryHumanities
CL213LECRoman Republic SurveyHumanities
CL222LECGreek CivilizationHumanities
CL223LECRoman CivilizationHumanities
CL228LECWar in Anc Mediterr WorldCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
CL228LECWar in Anc Mediterr WorldHumanities
CL250LECRoman ReligionHumanities
CL262LECArt & Archeology of EgyptArts
CL262LECArt & Archeology of EgyptHumanities
CL287LECArt & Archaeology of GreeceArts
CL287LECArt & Archaeology of GreeceHumanities
CL300LECMesopotamian ArchaeologyHumanities
CL302LECArchaeology of AssyriaHumanities
CL305LECGreek Intellectual HistHumanities
CL315LECClassical Epic TraditionsHumanities
CL316LECGreek Drama in TranslatHumanities
CL321LECPhil & Lit in AntiquityHumanities
CL327LECHistory of Roman RepublicHumanities
CL328LECHistory of Roman EmpireHumanities
CL331LECRoman ImperialismHumanities
CL332LECThe Athenian EmpireHumanities
CL333LRAncient World MoviesHumanities
CL336LECGreek Archaeology 1Humanities
CL338LECRoman Archaeology IHumanities
CL339LECRoman Archaeology IIHumanities
CL340LECClass Origins of West LitCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
CL340LECClass Origins of West LitHumanities
CL381LECAlexander the GreatHumanities
CL391LECArt & Archaeology of RomeArts
CL391LECArt & Archaeology of RomeCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
CL391LECArt & Archaeology of RomeHumanities
CL408SEMEnd of Rome & Birth of EuropeHumanities
CL422LECThe Greek CityHumanities
CL423LECRel & Soc/Anc Greek CityHumanities
CL430LECThe Ancient EconomyHumanities
CL491LECSanskrit 1Humanities
CL491LECSanskrit 1Languages
CL492LECSanskrit 2Humanities
CL492LECSanskrit 2Languages
CL999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
COL112LRCrossCltrl Explorations AbroadCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
COL112LRCross-Cultural ExplorationsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
COL112LRCrossCltrl Explorations AbroadHumanities
COL112LRCross-Cultural ExplorationsHumanities
COL120SEMBerlin/Paris/Vienna Trn CHumanities
COL130SEMIntro to 20th CenturyHumanities
COL140LECLanguage of SexualityHumanities
COL150LRAvant GardesArts
COL150LRAvant GardesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
COL150LRAvant GardesHumanities
COL160LECCulture of RebellionHumanities
COL200LRDemocracy & Justice in AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
COL200LRDemocracy & Justice in AmericaHumanities
COL210SEMFashion and LiteratureHumanities
COL220SEMLesbian and Gay LitHumanities
COL230SEMScience and HumanitiesHumanities
COL233LECLiterature and HappinessHumanities
COL240LECLove in History of LitHumanities
COL250LECMasterpieces World LitHumanities
COL255LECCrime & PunishmentHumanities
COL280LECCity in LiteratureHumanities
COL291LECLegal & Lit InterpretHumanities
COL302LECLiterary Theory:HistoryHumanities
COL308LEC20th Cent Lit & CultureHumanities
COL315SEMSigns and RepresentationHumanities
COL320LECLiterature and DesireHumanities
COL328LECRethinking BodiesHumanities
COL335LECClose Reading in Lit& CultHumanities
COL387SEMFreud and FeminismHumanities
COL425LECThe Novel As GenreHumanities
COL440LEC18c European LitHumanities
COL443LECLiterature and WarHumanities
COL450LECTheory of the FantasticHumanities
COL999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
COM101LECPrinciples of CommSocial Sciences
COM125LECIntroduction to the InternetSocial Sciences
COM202SEMIntercultural CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM205LECResearch MethodsSocial Sciences
COM217LECCommunication in OrganizationSocial Sciences
COM223DISPrin & Methods InterviewgSocial Sciences
COM225LECInterpersonal Comm.Social Sciences
COM231DISPrinciples of PersuasionSocial Sciences
COM236DISSmall Group CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM240LECSurvey of Mass CommunicSocial Sciences
COM242LECEffect of Mass ComSocial Sciences
COM243LECMass Media&Foreign PolicySocial Sciences
COM244LECHistory of the MediaSocial Sciences
COM249DISMass Communication TheorSocial Sciences
COM300DISWritten CommunicationsSocial Sciences
COM317DISIntro Bus & Prof CommunicSocial Sciences
COM326RECPublic SpeakingSocial Sciences
COM334LECSociology of CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM337LECCommunication TheorySocial Sciences
COM350LECAge of InformationSocial Sciences
COM353LECCommunication EthicsSocial Sciences
COM360LECSocial Networks AnalysisSocial Sciences
COM375SEMTechnical WritingSocial Sciences
COM380LECHealth CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM398LECJournalismSocial Sciences
COM410LECCom in Asia/Pacific RimSocial Sciences
COM417LECSpec Top:Social Sciences
COM420LECConflict TheorySocial Sciences
COM425SEMFace-to-Face CommSocial Sciences
COM437LECAdvanced Org ComSocial Sciences
COM438LECNonverbal CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM441LECPublic RelationsSocial Sciences
COM443LECPrncples & Tech of AdvertisingSocial Sciences
COM449DISPromotional WritingSocial Sciences
COM450LECPolitical CommunicationSocial Sciences
COM451LECComm & MarketingSocial Sciences
COM452SEMAnalysis of MediaSocial Sciences
COM453SEMAdvanced Public RelationsSocial Sciences
COM454LECMedia in the Info AgeSocial Sciences
COM455SEMAdvanced AdvertisingSocial Sciences
COM460LECWorld Media SystemsSocial Sciences
COM462LECMedia LawSocial Sciences
COM465LECPr in the Info AgeSocial Sciences
COM469LECAdv Com Research MethodsSocial Sciences
COM999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
COM999TRAWCAdv. writing rqrmnt for COMSocial Sciences
COM999TRCPRComputer requirement for COMSocial Sciences
COM999TRELEElective RequirementSocial Sciences
COM999TRLARLanguage requirement for COMSocial Sciences
COM999TRRESResearch methods req. for COMSocial Sciences
COM999TRSS3Soc Sci 3rd req course for COMSocial Sciences
COM999TRSTRStatistics requirement for COMSocial Sciences
CPM390LECIslamic Cultural HistoryHumanities
CSE111LLBIntro to Quantitative AnalysisMathematics
CSE113LRIntro to Computer Prog 1Mathematics
CSE115LLBComputer Science IMathematics
CSE116LLBIntro to CS Majors 2Mathematics
CSE191LRIntro Discrete StructuresMathematics
CSE467LECComputational LinguisticsSocial Sciences
DAC103LECPerformance AppreciationArts
DAC104LECAppreciating DanceArts
DAC111SEMIntro Body Movement 1Arts
DAC112SEMIntro Body Movement 2Arts
DAC201LECModern Dance 1Arts
DAC210LECTap Dance 1Arts
DAC310SEMTap Dance 3Arts
DAC337SEMDance Studio ZodiaqueArts
DAC338SEMDance Studio ZodiaqueArts
DAC341SEMBallet 3Arts
DAC342SEMBallet 4Arts
DAC345SEMModern Dance 3Arts
DAC346SEMModern Dance 4Arts
DAC350LECIntro Laban Mvmt AnalysisArts
DAC371LECJazz Dance 3Arts
DAC372LECJazz Dance 4Arts
DAC381SEMSocial DanceArts
DAC382SEMSocial DanceArts
DAC400SEMCreative MovementArts
DAC407SEMTap Dance 5Arts
DAC408SEMTap Dance 6Arts
DAC410SEMModern Dance 5Arts
DAC411SEMModern Dance 6Arts
DAC415SEMMind/Body IntegrationArts
DAC430LECDance HistoryArts
DAC432LECKines/ANA for DancersArts
DAC441SEMChoreography 1Arts
DAC454SEMTeaching Methods in DanceArts
DAC999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
DAC999TR111PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR200PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR201PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR202PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR210PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR213PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR214PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR215PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR263PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR300PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR301PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR303PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR337PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR338PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR340PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR341PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR342PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR345PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR346PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR354PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR364PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR375PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR381PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR382PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR400PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR401PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR403PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR410PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR413PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR415PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR420PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR421PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR425PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR426PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR430PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR432PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR441PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR442PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR481PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR482PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR491PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAC999TR492PPlacement w/audition if majorArts
DAN191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem DanishLanguages
DAN192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem DanishLanguages
DAN193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem DanishHumanities
DAN193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem DanishLanguages
DAN194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem DanishHumanities
DAN194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem DanishLanguages
DAN999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
DMS101SEMBasic FilmmakingArts
DMS102SEMBasic FilmmakingArts
DMS103SEMBasic VideoArts
DMS104SEMBasic VideoArts
DMS105SEMBasic DocumentaryArts
DMS106SEMBasic DocumentaryArts
DMS107LECFilm & Media History 1Arts
DMS107LECFilm & Media History 1Civ/Hist: Wstrn Civ
DMS107LECFilm & Media History 1Humanities
DMS108LABFilm History 2Arts
DMS108LECFilm & Media History IIArts
DMS109LECIntro Film & Media InterpArts
DMS110LECProgramming for DigitalartArts
DMS121LECBasic Digital ArtsArts
DMS121SEMBasic Digital ArtsArts
DMS122SEMBasic Digital ArtsArts
DMS149SEMAsian Amer Exp On FilmArts
DMS152LRVisual StudiesArts
DMS155LABIntro to New MediaArts
DMS155LECIntro to New MediaArts
DMS200LECVisual Studies SpeakersArts
DMS201LECGreen MediaArts
DMS211LECSymbolism in FilmArts
DMS213LECImmigration and FilmArts
DMS213LECImmigration and FilmCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
DMS213LECImmigration and FilmHumanities
DMS220LECMachines, Codes and CulturesArts
DMS220LECMachines, Codes and CulturesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
DMS220LECMachines, Codes and CulturesHumanities
DMS221SEMWeb DevelopmentArts
DMS225LECDigital Literature SurveyArts
DMS231SEMGame and Animation WorkshopArts
DMS259SEMIntroduction to Media AnalysisArts
DMS303LECVideo Analysis 1Arts
DMS304LECVideo Analysis 2Arts
DMS305LABFilm Analysis Cinema 1Arts
DMS306LABFilm Analysis Cinema 2Arts
DMS307LABHist of the Musical 1 LabArts
DMS307LECHist of the Musical 1Arts
DMS308LABHist of the Musical 2 LabArts
DMS308LECHist of the Musical 2Arts
DMS329LABItalian CinemaArts
DMS331LECSocial and Mobile MediaArts
DMS333LECWorld CinemaArts
DMS333LECWorld CinemaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
DMS341SEMIntermediate Video WkshpArts
DMS342SEMIntermediate Video WkshpArts
DMS343LECDigital Post ProductionArts
DMS350LECInformation TheoriesArts
DMS375LECScience, Culture & MediaArts
DMS381LABFilm ComedyArts
DMS382SEMPolitics of Pop CultureArts
DMS400SEMFilm & CinematographyArts
DMS401SEMAdv CinematographyArts
DMS402SEMAdv EditingArts
DMS403SEMAdvanced Documentary ProdArts
DMS404SEMAdvanced Documentary ProdArts
DMS405LECEthnographic MediaArts
DMS406LECEthnographic MediaArts
DMS406SEMEthnographic MediaArts
DMS406SEMEthnographic MediaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
DMS406SEMEthnographic MediaSocial Sciences
DMS407LABHist of Soviet Film 1 LabArts
DMS407LECHist of Soviet Film 1Arts
DMS408LABHist of Soviet Film 2 LabArts
DMS408LECHist of Soviet Film 2Arts
DMS409LLBNon Fiction FilmArts
DMS410LABNon Fiction Film LabArts
DMS410LECNon Fiction FilmArts
DMS410LECNon Fiction FilmHumanities
DMS411SEMFilm and Media TheoryArts
DMS412LABTheory of Film NarrativeArts
DMS412SEMTheory of Film NarrativeArts
DMS413LABFilm Narrative LabArts
DMS413LECThe Filmic TextArts
DMS414LECFilm NarrativeArts
DMS414LECFilm NarrativeHumanities
DMS419SEMInt Digital Arts ProductnArts
DMS420SEMAdv Digital Arts ProductnArts
DMS421LABDesigned PlayArts
DMS423LABProgramming Graphics 1Arts
DMS423SEMProgramming Graphics 1Arts
DMS424LABProgramming Graphics 2Arts
DMS424SEMProgramming Graphics 2Arts
DMS425LABVisual Media PoeticsArts
DMS425SEMVisual Media PoeticsArts
DMS425SEMVisual Media PoeticsHumanities
DMS426LABSound Media PoeticsArts
DMS427LECProduction ManagementArts
DMS428SEM2d Animation GraphicsArts
DMS429LECItalian CinemaArts
DMS429LECItalian CinemaHumanities
DMS430LLBThe Dream in Film and TVArts
DMS431LABAdvanced ModelingArts
DMS435SEMScriptwriting: All MediaArts
DMS436SEMNarrative Filmmkg B:PrdctArts
DMS438SEMVirtual Worlds 1Arts
DMS439SEMVirtual Worlds 2Arts
DMS440LABWomen Directors LabArts
DMS440SEMWomen DirectorsArts
DMS441SEMAdv Video ProductionArts
DMS442SEMAdvanced Video ProductionArts
DMS446SEMInterface DesignArts
DMS447SEMSound DesignArts
DMS448SEMGames, Gender and CultureArts
DMS448SEMGames, Gender and CultureSocial Sciences
DMS450LECFilm & Dev of Contemp ArtArts
DMS451LABAvant-Garde CinemaArts
DMS451LECAvant-Garde CinemaArts
DMS452LLBFilms of the Civil RightsArts
DMS457SEMLocative Media & the CityArts
DMS462SEMGame DesignArts
DMS463SEMInteractive FictionArts
DMS464LABInstallation: Urban SpaceArts
DMS474LABMedia Theories & ApproachesArts
DMS474SEMMedia Theories & ApproachesArts
DMS480SEMSocial Media & NetworksArts
DMS483SEMArt Practicing the BodyArts
DMS484SEMLanguage Media Social VisionArts
DMS484SEMLanguage Media Social VisionHumanities
DMS485LECMedia RoboticsArts
DMS486LECComputational MediaArts
DMS999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
DMS999TR341PContact DMS for course reviewArts
DMS999TRELEFree Elective for DMSArts
ECO181LDIntro to MacroeconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO182LDIntro to MicroeconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO201LECUS Economic HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
ECO201LECUS Economic HistorySocial Sciences
ECO205LECMoney & BankingSocial Sciences
ECO206LECHist of Amer Labor MovemtSocial Sciences
ECO207LECEconomic ClassicsSocial Sciences
ECO208LECIntro to Envirnmtl EconSocial Sciences
ECO209LECIntro to Urban EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO210LECComparative Econ SystemsSocial Sciences
ECO211LECIntro Health EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO212LECCurrent Economic ProblemsSocial Sciences
ECO251LECGovt in the U S EconomySocial Sciences
ECO263LECElem Cost Benefit AnalSocial Sciences
ECO270LECRegulation in U S EconomySocial Sciences
ECO276LECLaw & Econ Eqty & EfficySocial Sciences
ECO303LECThe Economics of PovertySocial Sciences
ECO304LECSocialist EconomiesSocial Sciences
ECO336LECMicroeconomic TheorySocial Sciences
ECO380LECIntro Econometrics 1Social Sciences
ECO405LECMicroeconomic TheorySocial Sciences
ECO407SEMMacroeconomic TheorySocial Sciences
ECO411LECHealth EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO412LECEnvironmental EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO416LECEconomic DevelopmntSocial Sciences
ECO418SEMEconomics of East AsiaSocial Sciences
ECO421LECUrban EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO425SEMMoney & Finan InstitutionsSocial Sciences
ECO426LECCapital MarketsSocial Sciences
ECO434LECInternational FinanceSocial Sciences
ECO435LECInternational EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO436LECMarxian Economic TheorySocial Sciences
ECO440LECEconomics of EducationSocial Sciences
ECO443SEMLabor EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO445LECHuman Resource EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO451SEMMath for EconomistsSocial Sciences
ECO455SEMInfo & Internet EconomicsSocial Sciences
ECO461SEMEcon Fluctuatn & ForecastSocial Sciences
ECO464SEMEconomics Public SectorSocial Sciences
ECO467LECEconomics & Game TheorySocial Sciences
ECO468LECThe Economics of SportsSocial Sciences
ECO469SEMIndustrial OrganizationSocial Sciences
ECO470LECEconomics of RegulationSocial Sciences
ECO476SEMEcon Legal Rel Prop RightSocial Sciences
ECO480SDEconometrics 1Social Sciences
ECO481LECEconometrics 2Social Sciences
ECO482LECComputational EconometrcsSocial Sciences
ECO488LECPracticum in Fin Econ ISocial Sciences
ECO489LECPracticum in Fin Economics IISocial Sciences
ECO490LECMonetary TheorySocial Sciences
ECO999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
ECO999TRLOL100 & 200 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
ECO999TRUPL300 & 400 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
ELP200SEMEduc Pol & Ldrshp for Soc JustSocial Sciences
END120LECIntro to Urban EnvironmntCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
END120LECIntro to Urban EnvironmntSocial Sciences
END212LECUrban & Environ PlanningSocial Sciences
END275LECEnvironment & LandscapesHumanities
END275LECEnvironment & LandscapesSocial Sciences
END279LECExplor Dsn Bufflo NiagaraArts
END279LECExplor Dsn Bufflo NiagaraHumanities
END285LECTransportation & Urban LifeHumanities
END285LECTransportation & Urban LifeSocial Sciences
END301LECPerspec On Land Use & DevHumanities
END301LECPerspec On Land Use & DevSocial Sciences
END302LECSustainable Urban EnvironmentsHumanities
END302LECSustainable Urban EnvironmentsSocial Sciences
END305LECEnvironmntl Educatn & UrbanismHumanities
END305LECEnvironmntl Educatn & UrbanismSocial Sciences
END308SEMHealth & Urban EnvironmentsHumanities
END308SEMHealth & Urban EnvironmentsSocial Sciences
END312LECDesign of CitiesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
END312LECDesign of CitiesHumanities
END319LECBuilt Environmnt in Mass MediaArts
END319LECBuilt Environmnt in Mass MediaHumanities
END356SLBComputing for Env AnalysisHumanities
END356SLBComputing for Env AnalysisSocial Sciences
END357SEMCreative Problem SolvingArts
END357SEMCreative Problem SolvingCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
END363LECCities and GlobalizationCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
END363LECCities and GlobalizationSocial Sciences
END428LECFound Historic PreservatnArts
END428LECFound Historic PreservatnHumanities
END999TRTransfer elective creditHumanities
END999TR300END Elective for majorsHumanities
ENG101LECWriting 1Basic Communication
ENG105LECWriting and RhetoricBasic Communication
ENG110LECGreat BooksCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG110LECGreat BooksHumanities
ENG11SASpecial Studies EnglishHumanities
ENG191LRLiterature and TechnologyHumanities
ENG200LEC200 Level ElectiveHumanities
ENG201LECWriting 2Basic Communication
ENG201LECWriting 2Basic Communication
ENG202LECTechnical CommunicationHumanities
ENG205SEMWriting Prose Fict 1Humanities
ENG206SEMWriting Prose Fict 2Humanities
ENG207LECWritg & Intro Readg 1Humanities
ENG207SEMIntro Writ Poetry/FictionHumanities
ENG211LECAm Pluralism in Lit/CultureCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
ENG211LECAm Pluralism in Lit/CultureHumanities
ENG212LECHow to Write Like a JournalistHumanities
ENG221LECWorld LiteratureHumanities
ENG222LECSurvey of Asian LiteratureCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
ENG222LECSurvey of Asian LiteratureHumanities
ENG222LECWorld Literature 2Humanities
ENG223LECMedieval LiteratureHumanities
ENG225LECMedieval English LitHumanities
ENG231LECBritish Writers 1Civ/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG231LECBritish Writers 1Humanities
ENG232LECBritish Writers 2Civ/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG232LECBritish Writers 2Humanities
ENG241LECAmerican Writers 1Humanities
ENG242LECAmerican Writers 2Humanities
ENG250LECMasterpieces World LitHumanities
ENG251LECShort FictionHumanities
ENG254LECScience FictionHumanities
ENG263LECEnvironmentalist WritingsHumanities
ENG264LECYoung Adult LiteratureHumanities
ENG268LECIrish LiteratureHumanities
ENG270LECAsian American LitHumanities
ENG271LECAfrican American LitHumanities
ENG272LECUS Latino/a LitHumanities
ENG273LECWomen WritersHumanities
ENG274LECFeminist Approaches to LiHumanities
ENG275LECAfrican Amer LiteratureHumanities
ENG276LECLiterature and LawHumanities
ENG278LECBest SellersHumanities
ENG288LRIntro Shakespeare: Early WorksArts
ENG288LRIntro Shakespeare: Early WorksCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG288LRIntro Shakespeare: Early WorksHumanities
ENG289LRIntro Shakespeare: Late WorksArts
ENG289LRIntro Shakespeare: Late WorksCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG289LRIntro Shakespeare: Late WorksHumanities
ENG290LRLiterature and WarCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG290LRLiterature and WarHumanities
ENG302LECOld EnglishHumanities
ENG304LECStudies in Medieval LitHumanities
ENG305LECMedieval EpicHumanities
ENG306LECLove in the Western WorldHumanities
ENG307LECElizabeth Jacobean DramaHumanities
ENG308LECEarly Modern DramaHumanities
ENG309LRShakespeare, Early PlaysHumanities
ENG310LRShakespeare, Late PlaysHumanities
ENG311LECTxt & Img in Early Mod CulHumanities
ENG312LECStudies in Early Mod LitHumanities
ENG313LECSixteenth C LitHumanities
ENG314LEC17th Century LiteratureHumanities
ENG316LECEarly Women WritersHumanities
ENG317LECEarly British DramaHumanities
ENG318LECEighteenth-C FictionHumanities
ENG319LECEighteenth-C LiteratureHumanities
ENG320LECRomantic MovementHumanities
ENG321LECGothic LiteratureHumanities
ENG322LECVictorian LiteratureHumanities
ENG323LECSex & Gender in the 19th CHumanities
ENG324LEC19th-C British NovelHumanities
ENG325LEC19th-C British PoetryHumanities
ENG326LECMod Brit & Irish FictionHumanities
ENG327LECModern British LiteratureHumanities
ENG328LECMulticultural British LitHumanities
ENG329LECContemp Brit & Irish LitHumanities
ENG330LECStudies in British LitHumanities
ENG331LECStudies in Irish LitHumanities
ENG332LECEarly American LiteratureHumanities
ENG333LECAmerican Lit to Civ WarHumanities
ENG334LECUS Lit From Civ War to WW1Humanities
ENG335LEC19th-C US FictionHumanities
ENG336LECStud in 19th-C US Lit & HiHumanities
ENG337LEC20th-C Lit in the USHumanities
ENG338LECThe Novel in the USHumanities
ENG339LECAmerican PoetryHumanities
ENG341LECStud in Afr-American LitHumanities
ENG342LECLiterature of the AmericasHumanities
ENG343LECStud in Native Amer LitHumanities
ENG344LECStud in Asian Amer LitHumanities
ENG345LECTravel WritingHumanities
ENG346LECComparative Ethnic LitsHumanities
ENG347LECVisions of AmericaHumanities
ENG348LECStudies in US LitHumanities
ENG349LECStudies in Brit and Am LitHumanities
ENG350LECLiterature of MigrationHumanities
ENG351LECMod & Contemp DramaHumanities
ENG352LECModern & Contemp FictionHumanities
ENG353LECExperimental FictionHumanities
ENG354LECLife WritingHumanities
ENG355LECPopular FictionHumanities
ENG356LECPopular CultureHumanities
ENG357LECContemporary LiteratureHumanities
ENG361LECModern & Contemp PoetryHumanities
ENG362LECPoetry MovementsHumanities
ENG364LECDebates in ModernismHumanities
ENG365LECBritish ModernismHumanities
ENG367LECPsychoanalysis & CultureHumanities
ENG368LECLit and ReligionHumanities
ENG369LECLiterary TheoryHumanities
ENG370LECCritical Race TheoryHumanities
ENG371LECQueer TheoryHumanities
ENG374LECBible As LitCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
ENG374LECBible As LitHumanities
ENG375LECHeaven, Hell & JudgementArts
ENG375LECHeaven, Hell & JudgementHumanities
ENG376LECIslamic EpicHumanities
ENG379LECFilm GenresArts
ENG379LECFilm GenresHumanities
ENG380LECNew MediaHumanities
ENG381LECFilm DirectorsHumanities
ENG382LECShakespeare in Film 1Arts
ENG382LECShakespeare in Film 1Humanities
ENG383LECStudies in World LiteraturHumanities
ENG385LECStud of African DiasporaHumanities
ENG386LECPostcolonial LitHumanities
ENG387LECWomen WritersHumanities
ENG390SEMCreative Writg Poet WrkshpHumanities
ENG391SEMCrtive Writing Fict WorkshHumanities
ENG392SEMLiterature, Writ, PracticeHumanities
ENG393SEMWriting Non-Fiction ProseHumanities
ENG394LECJournalism Words PicturesHumanities
ENG394TUTWriting WorkshopHumanities
ENG397LECLiterary JournalismHumanities
ENG398LECEthics in JournalismHumanities
ENG404SEMMedieval StudiesHumanities
ENG406SEMEpic LiteratureHumanities
ENG407SEMBook of the Ancient MayasHumanities
ENG418SEMStudies African Amer Lit/HisCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
ENG418SEMStudies African Amer Lit/HisHumanities
ENG422SEMJane AustenHumanities
ENG425SEMWhitman & DickinsonHumanities
ENG426SEMMark TwainHumanities
ENG427SEMWilliam FaulknerHumanities
ENG429SEMJames JoyceHumanities
ENG433SEMAdv Creative Writg PoetryHumanities
ENG434SEMAdv Creative Writg PoetryHumanities
ENG435SEMAdv Creatv Writg FictionHumanities
ENG437TUTAdv Writing WorkshopHumanities
ENG438LECFilm DirectorsHumanities
ENG439SEMSocial DocumentaryHumanities
ENG440SEMFilm TheoryArts
ENG440SEMFilm TheoryHumanities
ENG441LABContemporary CinemaHumanities
ENG441LECContemporary CinemaArts
ENG441LECContemporary CinemaHumanities
ENG442LABModernism and FilmHumanities
ENG454SEMLit & PhilosophyHumanities
ENG455SEMCultural TheoryHumanities
ENG456SEMTheories of NarrativeHumanities
ENG479LECWomen Writers 1650-1945Humanities
ENG496LECFilm History 1Humanities
ENG999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ENG999TR200200 Level Elective for ENGHumanities
ENG999TR300300 Level Elective for ENGHumanities
ES207LLBHuman Form and FunctionNatural Sciences
ES210LDBehavior Driven DiseaseCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
ES468LECEPI Public Health for HPSSocial Sciences
ESL999TRTransfer elective creditHumanities
FR101LECElem French 1st SemesterHumanities
FR101LECElem French 1st SemesterLanguages
FR102LECElem French 2nd SemesterHumanities
FR102LECElem French 2nd SemesterLanguages
FR104LECTransitional Elem FrenchHumanities
FR104LECTransitional Elem FrenchLanguages
FR151LECIntermed Fre 1st SemesterHumanities
FR151LECIntermed Fre 1st SemesterLanguages
FR152LECIntermed Fre 2nd SemesterHumanities
FR152LECIntermed Fre 2nd SemesterLanguages
FR211LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts IHumanities
FR211LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts ILanguages
FR212LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts IIHumanities
FR212LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts IILanguages
FR213LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts IIIHumanities
FR213LECLanguages/Texts/Contexts IIILanguages
FR270LECIntermediate ConversationHumanities
FR270LECIntermediate ConversationLanguages
FR271LECBusiness French 1Humanities
FR271LECBusiness French 1Languages
FR301LECSurvey of French Lit IHumanities
FR301LECSurvey of French Lit ILanguages
FR302LECSurvey of French Lit IIHumanities
FR302LECSurvey of French Lit IILanguages
FR305LECReading French HistoriansCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
FR305LECReading French HistoriansHumanities
FR305LECReading French HistoriansLanguages
FR328LECTheatre and RevolutionArts
FR328LECTheatre and RevolutionHumanities
FR328LECTheatre and RevolutionLanguages
FR331LECPre-Romantism & RomantismHumanities
FR331LECPre-Romantism & RomantismLanguages
FR334LECPoetry Baudelaire SurrealHumanities
FR334LECPoetry Baudelaire SurrealLanguages
FR337LEC20c NovelHumanities
FR337LEC20c NovelLanguages
FR338LECWomen Writrs/Franc AfricaHumanities
FR338LECWomen Writrs/Franc AfricaLanguages
FR339LECLiterature & Culture in QuebecHumanities
FR339LECLiterature & Culture in QuebecLanguages
FR341LECTopics in French FilmArts
FR341LECTopics in French FilmHumanities
FR341LECTopics in French FilmLanguages
FR343LECAdv Grammar & CompositionHumanities
FR343LECAdv Grammar & CompositionLanguages
FR349LECStylistics & TranslationHumanities
FR349LECStylistics & TranslationLanguages
FR350LECMod French Short StoryHumanities
FR350LECMod French Short StoryLanguages
FR351LECFrench Lit in English TrHumanities
FR355LECContemporary FranceHumanities
FR355LECContemporary FranceLanguages
FR362LECEarly Mod French TheatreArts
FR362LECEarly Mod French TheatreHumanities
FR362LECEarly Mod French TheatreLanguages
FR368LECModern World DramaArts
FR368LECModern World DramaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
FR368LECModern World DramaHumanities
FR368LECModern World DramaLanguages
FR369LECCivilization of FranceCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
FR369LECCivilization of FranceHumanities
FR369LECCivilization of FranceLanguages
FR382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheoryHumanities
FR382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheorySocial Sciences
FR383LECProblems of French NovelHumanities
FR383LECProblems of French NovelLanguages
FR404LECStructure of Mod FrenchHumanities
FR404LECStructure of Mod FrenchLanguages
FR417LECProblems in TranslationHumanities
FR417LECProblems in TranslationLanguages
FR420LECHistory French LanguageHumanities
FR420LECHistory French LanguageLanguages
FR429SEMAdvanced Business FrenchHumanities
FR429SEMAdvanced Business FrenchLanguages
FR470LECAdv French ConversationHumanities
FR470LECAdv French ConversationLanguages
FR480SEMSem for MajorsHumanities
FR480SEMSem for MajorsLanguages
FR486LECIslam in FranceHumanities
FR999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
FR999TR100100 Level Elective FRLanguages
FR999TR200200 Level Elective FRHumanities
FR999TR200200 Level Elective FRLanguages
FR999TR300300 Level ElectiveHumanities
FR999TR300300 Level ElectiveLanguages
FR999TR400400 Level ElectiveHumanities
FR999TR400400 Level ElectiveLanguages
FR999TRBIPBeyond Inter Proficien-FRLanguages
GEO100LECWorld Regions & IssuesCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO100LECWorld Regions & IssuesSocial Sciences
GEO101LECEarth Systems ScienceNatural Sciences
GEO101LECEarth Systems ScienceSocial Sciences
GEO102LECIntro to Human GeographyCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO102LECIntro to Human GeographySocial Sciences
GEO103LECGlobal Econ GeographiesCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO103LECGlobal Econ GeographiesSocial Sciences
GEO104LECEnvironmental ScienceNatural Sciences
GEO104LECEnvironmental ScienceSocial Sciences
GEO105LABEarth, Environ., & Climate LabNatural Sciences
GEO105LABEarth, Environ., & Climate LabSocial Sciences
GEO106LECGlobal Climate ChangeNatural Sciences
GEO106LECGlobal Climate ChangeSocial Sciences
GEO112LECInternational HealthCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO112LECInternational HealthSocial Sciences
GEO120LECMaps: Earth From AboveSocial Sciences
GEO200LECThe Ocean WorldSocial Sciences
GEO201LECDisasters:Study of HazardSocial Sciences
GEO211LLBUnivariate Statistics in GeoMathematics
GEO211LLBUnivariate Statistics in GeoSocial Sciences
GEO231LECU S Contemporary ProblemsCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
GEO231LECU S Contemporary ProblemsSocial Sciences
GEO281LECWeb-Based GISSocial Sciences
GEO281RECWeb-Based GISSocial Sciences
GEO330LECDynamics of Internat BusCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO330LECDynamics of Internat BusSocial Sciences
GEO333LECInternational TradeSocial Sciences
GEO334LECInternational Bus CulturesCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GEO334LECInternational Bus CulturesHumanities
GEO334LECInternational Bus CulturesSocial Sciences
GEO345LECWater ResourcesSocial Sciences
GEO347LECClimatic GeomorphologySocial Sciences
GEO348LECLandform DevelopmentSocial Sciences
GEO350LECField and Lab TechniquesSocial Sciences
GEO352LECIntroduction to SoilsSocial Sciences
GEO356LECForest EcologySocial Sciences
GEO366LECUrban GeographySocial Sciences
GEO367LECUrban Social GeographySocial Sciences
GEO381LLBCartographySocial Sciences
GEO389LABBusiness GeographicsSocial Sciences
GEO389LECBusiness GeographicsSocial Sciences
GEO401LECSpecial Topics 1Social Sciences
GEO402LECSpecial Topics 2Social Sciences
GEO411LECMultivariate Stat in GeogSocial Sciences
GEO412LECGeography of HealthSocial Sciences
GEO418LECPopulation GeographySocial Sciences
GEO419LABTransportation & SocietySocial Sciences
GEO419LECTransportation & SocietySocial Sciences
GEO420LABTransport/Spatial Info.Social Sciences
GEO425LECIndustrial/Business GeogSocial Sciences
GEO430LABApplied Urb Geog LabSocial Sciences
GEO430LECApplied Urban GeographySocial Sciences
GEO435LECConservation BiogeographySocial Sciences
GEO444LECAdv Earth Systems ScienceSocial Sciences
GEO445LECRestoration EcologySocial Sciences
GEO448LECStream RestorationSocial Sciences
GEO449LECFluvial GeomorphologySocial Sciences
GEO449RECFluvial GeomorphologySocial Sciences
GEO454LABSoils Laboratory MethodsSocial Sciences
GEO460LECGeography of DevelopmentSocial Sciences
GEO462LABNetwork and Location Anal.Social Sciences
GEO464LABMobility and FlowsSocial Sciences
GEO470LECIntegr Environment MgmtSocial Sciences
GEO475LECLandscape Modeling with GISSocial Sciences
GEO479LLBGIS for Environ ModelingSocial Sciences
GEO481LLBGeographical Info SystemsSocial Sciences
GEO482LECLocational AnalysisSocial Sciences
GEO483LLBRemote SensingSocial Sciences
GEO484LECGIS ApplicationsSocial Sciences
GEO485LECCartography and Geog VizSocial Sciences
GEO486LECSpatial Decision SupportSocial Sciences
GEO487LECThematic CartographySocial Sciences
GEO488LABGIS DesignSocial Sciences
GEO488SEMGIS DesignSocial Sciences
GEO489LABGIS Algorith & Data StrucSocial Sciences
GEO493LECDynamic ModelingSocial Sciences
GEO999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
GEO999TRELEElective credit for GeographySocial Sciences
GEO999TRNSSUNY GE Natural Science - GEONatural Sciences
GER101LECElem German 1st SemesterHumanities
GER101LECElem German 1st SemesterLanguages
GER102LECElem German 2nd SemesterHumanities
GER102LECElem German 2nd SemesterLanguages
GER104LECTransitional Elem GermanHumanities
GER104LECTransitional Elem GermanLanguages
GER111LEC1st Sem Rdng -Bgnrs/GradsHumanities
GER112LEC2nd Sem Rdng-Bgnrs/GradsHumanities
GER151LECIntermed Ger 1st SemesterHumanities
GER151LECIntermed Ger 1st SemesterLanguages
GER152LECIntermed Ger 2nd SemesterHumanities
GER152LECIntermed Ger 2nd SemesterLanguages
GER271LECGerman for BusinessHumanities
GER271LECGerman for BusinessLanguages
GER301LECGerman Cult History 1Humanities
GER301LECGerman Cult History 1Languages
GER302LECGerman Cult History 2Humanities
GER302LECGerman Cult History 2Languages
GER314LECGerman Literature SurveyHumanities
GER337LECAdv Conv and CompHumanities
GER337LECAdv Conv and CompLanguages
GER338LECStylistic & TranslationHumanities
GER338LECStylistic & TranslationLanguages
GER340LEC20c FictionHumanities
GER351LECGerman Lit in TranslationHumanities
GER404LECReading Old Norse LitHumanities
GER408LECStruc of Mod Ger GrammarHumanities
GER408LECStruc of Mod Ger GrammarLanguages
GER414SEMHist of the English LangHumanities
GER415LECHist of German LanguageHumanities
GER415LECHist of German LanguageLanguages
GER420LECGrimms Fairy TalesHumanities
GER420LECGrimms Fairy TalesLanguages
GER439LECGerman Prose: NovelleHumanities
GER439LECGerman Prose: NovelleLanguages
GER469LECContemp. Drama & FilmHumanities
GER999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
GGS101LECIntro Gender & Wmn StudiesHumanities
GGS126SEMTopics in Arts & CultureHumanities
GGS205LECWomen in the Global SystemHumanities
GGS212LECThe American Jewish WomanHumanities
GGS213SEMWomen in Contempry SoctyHumanities
GGS225SEMViolence in Gender WorldHumanities
GGS228SEMIntro to Feminist TheoryHumanities
GGS234LECWomen in the Middle EastHumanities
GGS238LECWmn, Work, Fam in 20 CentHumanities
GGS240SEMWomen in Contemporary AsiaHumanities
GGS241SEMWomen in Devlp CountriesHumanities
GGS242LECSexuality in AmericaHumanities
GGS247SEMWomen in Latin AmericaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GGS247SEMWomen in Latin AmericaHumanities
GGS247SEMWomen in Latin AmericaSocial Sciences
GGS252LECSoc Hist of Women in U SHumanities
GGS254SEMWomn & Image in Fine ArtsHumanities
GGS260SEMWomen's Health:Probl& PracHumanities
GGS264SEMBlack Child in AmericaHumanities
GGS265SEMSexuality and OrientationHumanities
GGS270LECAsian Amer Women WritrsHumanities
GGS280SEMAmerican Women WritersHumanities
GGS285SEMRace, Law & SocietyHumanities
GGS301SEMIntro to Native American WomenCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GGS301SEMIntro to Native American WomenHumanities
GGS304LECSci:Mcrowrld Bio of WmnHumanities
GGS305SEMGender&the Custodial StateHumanities
GGS308LECImages of Women and MenHumanities
GGS316SEMGender Issues Cont AfricaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GGS316SEMGender Issues Cont AfricaHumanities
GGS323SEMCult Biomed Gender & RaceHumanities
GGS324SEMControlling ReproductionHumanities
GGS330SEMGlobal Women's VoicesHumanities
GGS335SEMWomen WritersHumanities
GGS337SEMComing of Age:Jrny WmnhdHumanities
GGS350SEMGender Issues Cont AfricaHumanities
GGS353SEMLaw Interprets GenderHumanities
GGS354SEMRace, Class & SocietyHumanities
GGS368SEMRes/Human Sexuality&ReligionHumanities
GGS379SEMSex: Gender & Pop CultureHumanities
GGS387SEMBlack Female in LiteratHumanities
GGS400SEMBlack Women Wrtrs&Am CultHumanities
GGS409SEMQuantitative Met Soc ResHumanities
GGS414SEMGlobalization & GenderHumanities
GGS415SEMMedia and GenderHumanities
GGS421SEMDemocracy and GenderHumanities
GGS425SEMWomen's MovementCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
GGS425SEMWomen's MovementHumanities
GGS435SEMHist of Working WomenHumanities
GGS447SEMPedagogy & the InterrogatHumanities
GGS460SEMBlack Women in US HistoryHumanities
GGS464SEMHist of US Fem MovementHumanities
GGS466LECWmn Work & Social ChangeHumanities
GGS487SEMIntnl Orgs Gender & DevelHumanities
GGS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
GGS999TRIWSIntro. WS RequirementHumanities
GGS999TRTRDTrad. Discipline for WSHumanities
GGS999TRWOCWomen of Color Req-WSHumanities
GLY101LABNatural HazardsNatural Sciences
GLY101LECNatural HazardsNatural Sciences
GLY102LABClimate ChangeNatural Sciences
GLY102LECClimate ChangeNatural Sciences
GLY103LABEvol Earth & Solar SystemNatural Sciences
GLY103LECGeology for EngineersNatural Sciences
GLY103LECEvol Earth & Solar SystemNatural Sciences
GLY105LABNatural Hazds & Climate ChangeNatural Sciences
GLY309LECEcologyNatural Sciences
GR101LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 1Humanities
GR101LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 1Languages
GR102LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 2Humanities
GR102LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 2Languages
GR201LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 3Humanities
GR201LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 3Languages
GR202LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 4Humanities
GR202LECAncient Greek Lang&Cult 4Languages
GR403LECGreek DramaHumanities
GR404LECGreek OratoryHumanities
GR407LECGreek ProseHumanities
GR426LECLyric PoetryHumanities
GR444LECReading Greek LiteratureHumanities
GR444LECReading Greek LiteratureLanguages
GR999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
GRE101LEC1st Yr/1st Sem GreekHumanities
GRE101LEC1st Yr/1st Sem GreekLanguages
GRE102LEC1st Yr/2nd Sem GreekLanguages
GRE191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem GreekHumanities
GRE191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem GreekLanguages
GRE192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem GreekHumanities
GRE192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem GreekLanguages
GRE193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem GreekHumanities
GRE193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem GreekLanguages
GRE194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem GreekHumanities
GRE194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem GreekLanguages
GRE211LECIntroduction to GreeceHumanities
GRE999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
HEB101LECElem Modern Hebrew 1Humanities
HEB101LECElem Modern Hebrew 1Languages
HEB102LECElem Modern Hebrew 2Humanities
HEB102LECElem Modern Hebrew 2Languages
HEB201LECIntermediate Hebrew 1Humanities
HEB201LECIntermediate Hebrew 1Languages
HEB202LECIntermediate Hebrew 2Humanities
HEB202LECIntermediate Hebrew 2Languages
HEB301LECAdvanced Mod Hebrew 1Humanities
HEB301LECAdvanced Mod Hebrew 1Languages
HEB302LECAdvanced Mod Hebrew 2Humanities
HEB302LECAdvanced Mod Hebrew 2Languages
HEB999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
HIN101LECInten 1st Year Hindi-UrduHumanities
HIN101LECInten 1st Year Hindi-UrduLanguages
HIN102LECInten 1st Year Hindi-UrduHumanities
HIN102LECInten 1st Year Hindi-UrduLanguages
HIN104LECTransitional Hindi-UrduHumanities
HIN104LECTransitional Hindi-UrduLanguages
HIN999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
HIS100LECWorld War 2Humanities
HIS101LECIntroduction to HistoryHumanities
HIS102LECSurvey of Greek HistoryHumanities
HIS103LECIntro to African Amer StdyHumanities
HIS111LECLat Amer:Cult & HistoryHumanities
HIS112LECLat Amer:Cult & HistoryHumanities
HIS113LECMyth & Religion Anc WorldHumanities
HIS11SAHWCSpecial Studies HistoryCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS11SAHWCSpecial Studies HistoryHumanities
HIS121LECWorld Civilization 1Humanities
HIS122LECWorld Civilization IIHumanities
HIS141LRHuman Origins of Global SocCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS141LRHuman Origins of Global SocHumanities
HIS142LRCivilizations and BeliefsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS142LRCivilizations and BeliefsHumanities
HIS143LRGlobal Inequality and PowerCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS143LRGlobal Inequality and PowerHumanities
HIS144LRIntro to Health,Med, & SocietyCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS144LRIntro to Health,Med, & SocietyHumanities
HIS144LRIntro to Health,Med, & SocietySocial Sciences
HIS157LECSoc Hist of Sport & RecHumanities
HIS161LRU S History 1Civ/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS161LRU S History 1Humanities
HIS162LRUS History 2Civ/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS162LRUS History 2Humanities
HIS163LEC20c America 1900-1945Humanities
HIS164LECUS Since 1945Humanities
HIS170LECCuban Revol & Latin AmHumanities
HIS181LECAsian Civilization 1Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS181LECAsian Civilization 1Humanities
HIS182LECAsian Civilization 2Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS182LECAsian Civilization 2Humanities
HIS200LECMovies & Mod Amer SocietyHumanities
HIS202LECRoman CivilizationHumanities
HIS203LECGreek CivilizationHumanities
HIS205LECAncient Near East &EgyptHumanities
HIS208LECU S in the WorldHumanities
HIS209LECThe American Civil WarCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS209LECThe American Civil WarHumanities
HIS210LECWomen of the Ancient WorldHumanities
HIS213LECAfrica: Global/ImperialismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS213LECAfrica: Global/ImperialismHumanities
HIS214LECBlack White RelationsHumanities
HIS215LECDeath in AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS215LECDeath in AmericaHumanities
HIS216LECCrime & Punishment in AmCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS216LECCrime & Punishment in AmHumanities
HIS217LECCivil Rights in AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS217LECSurvey of Greek HistoryHumanities
HIS217LECCivil Rights in AmericaHumanities
HIS218LECAfrica: States/Civ to 1800Humanities
HIS219LECLatin America and the USCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS219LECLatin America and the USHumanities
HIS220LECCulture & Arts East AsiaHumanities
HIS221LECLatin Amer Colonial HisHumanities
HIS221LECEastern Europe 1880-1991Humanities
HIS227LEC20c:Europe & the WorldHumanities
HIS229LECMedieval JudaismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS229LECMedieval JudaismHumanities
HIS230LECModern Jewish HistoryHumanities
HIS232LECCrisis in Jewish HistoryHumanities
HIS233LECHist Geog & Archae IsraelHumanities
HIS234LECFoundations of 20 C AmerHumanities
HIS235LECAmer Jewish ExperienceHumanities
HIS237LECHistory of Israel & ZionismHumanities
HIS238LECMass Media & Foreign PolHumanities
HIS240LECU.S Alcohol and Drug HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS240LECU.S Alcohol and Drug HistoryHumanities
HIS240LECUnited States Since 1945Humanities
HIS241LECSexuality in AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS241LECSexuality in AmericaHumanities
HIS242LECLatin Colonial HistoryHumanities
HIS248LECWar in Anc Meditter WorldCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS248LECWar in Anc Meditter WorldHumanities
HIS249LECSoc Hist of Sport & RecHumanities
HIS251LECThe First Amer 1607-1775Humanities
HIS251LECFoundations of European HistorHumanities
HIS252LECPower & Challenges in Euro HisHumanities
HIS252LECSoc His of Women in U SHumanities
HIS255LECNationalism & DemocracyHumanities
HIS257LECThe City in U S HistHumanities
HIS269LECHistory of Canada IHumanities
HIS270LECHistory of Canada IIHumanities
HIS275LECThe Wars in VietnamHumanities
HIS280LECSurvey of African StudiesHumanities
HIS287LECIntro Greek ArchaeologyArts
HIS287LECIntro Greek ArchaeologyHumanities
HIS298LECThe Second World WarCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS298LECThe Second World WarHumanities
HIS299LECHolocaust: Hist, Culture, Mem.Humanities
HIS300LECAge of ExplorationHumanities
HIS301LECHistory of Roman EmpireHumanities
HIS303LECAmericans & GovernmentsHumanities
HIS304SEMArt & Rev Pol in Lat AmerArts
HIS304SEMArt & Rev Pol in Lat AmerCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS304SEMArt & Rev Pol in Lat AmerHumanities
HIS305LECModern Spain, Italy, PortHumanities
HIS307LECHistory of ParisHumanities
HIS309LECPolitics of Food/EatingHumanities
HIS310LEC20th Cen US Political HistoryHumanities
HIS311LECThe Early RepublicCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS311LECThe Early RepublicHumanities
HIS312LECJackson Age U S 1815-1837Humanities
HIS313LEC20th Century EuropeHumanities
HIS314LECAncient Africa CivilizsHumanities
HIS315LECGerman Culture 1789-1989Humanities
HIS316LECEarly Mod EuropeHumanities
HIS317LECHist of Early Mod BritainHumanities
HIS318LECHistory of IrelandHumanities
HIS319LECThe Interwar Crisis, 1919-1939Humanities
HIS320LECBritish History, 1668-1848Humanities
HIS321LECVictorian Hist 1832-1901Humanities
HIS322LECLatin Amer:Cult & HistoryHumanities
HIS323LECIndian-Euro EncountersHumanities
HIS325LECTwentieth-Century BritainHumanities
HIS326LECAncien RegimeHumanities
HIS327LECThe City in American HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS327LECThe City in American HistoryHumanities
HIS328LECHistory of BrazilHumanities
HIS329LECUS History Since 1945Civ/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS329LECUS History Since 1945Humanities
HIS330LECRace Rel Sex Erl Mod EurCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS330LECRace Rel Sex Erl Mod EurHumanities
HIS332LECLenin, Stalin, USSR 20cHumanities
HIS333LECGerman Culture 1750-1950Humanities
HIS334LECIslam in Mod South AsiaHumanities
HIS335LECCltr, Mem & Uses of PastHumanities
HIS336DISHistory of the Old SouthHumanities
HIS336LECHistory of the Old SouthHumanities
HIS337LECIntel Hist of EuropeHumanities
HIS339LECPearl Harbor:Jpn GoestowarHumanities
HIS341LECSoc Hist of Women in USHumanities
HIS342LECHistory of Modern S AsiaHumanities
HIS344LECHist Spain Portugual WorldHumanities
HIS346LEC19c EuropeHumanities
HIS347LECCivil & Renaiss ItalyHumanities
HIS349LECAmerican DissentersHumanities
HIS351LECColonial America to 1763Humanities
HIS352LECAmerican RevolutionHumanities
HIS353LECScientific RevolutionHumanities
HIS354LECAmer Transiton 1877-1901Civ/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS354LECAmer Transiton 1877-1901Humanities
HIS355LECU S for Relatn 1914-PresHumanities
HIS356LECSoc Hist Women 1875-PresHumanities
HIS357LECHistory of MedicineHumanities
HIS360LECReform Slavery Am Civ WarHumanities
HIS361LECAmerican Cultural Hist IHumanities
HIS362LECAmerican Cultural Hist 2Humanities
HIS363LECJewish Civ IHumanities
HIS364LECJewish Civ II: 1492 to PresentHumanities
HIS364SEMJewish Civilization IIHumanities
HIS365LECBuffalo Nash Yrs 1892-1961Humanities
HIS366LECHistory of LGBTQ AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS366LECHistory of LGBTQ AmericaHumanities
HIS368LECMod Japanese HistoryHumanities
HIS371LECSocial History of EuropeHumanities
HIS373LECMexico Diaz to CardenasHumanities
HIS375LECThe U.S. and East AsiaHumanities
HIS376LECAfrican-Amer His to 1877Humanities
HIS377LECWeimar Germany 1918-1933Humanities
HIS378LECNazi Germany 1933-1945Humanities
HIS379LECAfrican Amer 1877 to PresCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS379LECAfrican Amer 1877 to PresHumanities
HIS380LECEngl in Late Mid Ages 2Humanities
HIS382LECAmerican Religious HistHumanities
HIS383LECWar & State: Eur FoundatnsHumanities
HIS384LECWar and Peace Since 1900Humanities
HIS386LECGreat Depress & New DealHumanities
HIS388LECEuropean Women's HistoryHumanities
HIS389LECPirates, Drifters: SE AsiaCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS389LECPirates, Drifters: SE AsiaHumanities
HIS390LECThe Pattern of Chinese HistoryHumanities
HIS391LECChina and the WorldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS391LECChina and the WorldHumanities
HIS393LECMedieval Civilization IHumanities
HIS394LECMedieval Civilization IIHumanities
HIS397LEC20c Amer Pop Cult to 1945Humanities
HIS398LECRec Am Pop Cul Since 1945Humanities
HIS400SEMVarieties of FascismHumanities
HIS401SEMAlcohol & Drug in USCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS401SEMAlcohol & Drug in USHumanities
HIS402SEMSpanish Civil WarHumanities
HIS404SEMColonialism in South AsiaHumanities
HIS405SEMWhat is History?Humanities
HIS406SEMCivil War in American MemoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS406SEMCivil War in American MemoryHumanities
HIS407SEMChurch-State IssuesHumanities
HIS408SEMNature & the EnvironmentHumanities
HIS409SEMVoyages of DiscoveryHumanities
HIS411SEMTudor Stuart BiographyHumanities
HIS414SEMCuban RevolutionCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS414SEMCuban RevolutionHumanities
HIS416SEMEuro-Immigrant LivesHumanities
HIS418SEMComp. Slavery: Afr./Am./Carib.Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
HIS418SEMComp. Slavery: Afr./Am./Carib.Humanities
HIS423SEMProb Mod EuropeanHumanities
HIS425LECGeneologies RaceHumanities
HIS428SEM20c European ReadingsHumanities
HIS429SEMHist of the Am LandscapeHumanities
HIS430SEMWomen in S Asian HistHumanities
HIS431SEMMyth and HistoryHumanities
HIS433SEMLatin American Native PeoplesHumanities
HIS437SEMHIS Modern CaribbeanHumanities
HIS438SEMEurope Intel HistoryHumanities
HIS447SEMHealth and Illness in AmericanCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS447SEMHealth and Illness in AmericanHumanities
HIS448SEMRace and Urban HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
HIS448SEMRace and Urban HistoryHumanities
HIS449SEMAmerican Cold War HistoryHumanities
HIS450SEMProblems:20c US HistoryHumanities
HIS455SEMSex and EmpireHumanities
HIS456SEMEur Underground MovementsHumanities
HIS458SEMJFK Assassin & US For PolHumanities
HIS465SEMChildhood Through AgesHumanities
HIS468SEMBlack Women in US HistoryHumanities
HIS473SEMTech in Am Soc & CultureHumanities
HIS475SEMWar & European SocietyCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
HIS475SEMWar & European SocietyHumanities
HIS481SEMA Chinese Dynasty:QingHumanities
HIS482SEMProb Japanese HistHumanities
HIS483SEMFolk Heroes Historical MartyrsHumanities
HIS484SEMProb Chinese HistHumanities
HIS485SEMTwentieth-Cent China PoliticsHumanities
HIS487SEMSelf & Society in Urban ChinaHumanities
HIS489SEMHistoriography HistHumanities
HIS490SEMRebel & Rev in HistoryHumanities
HIS491SEMUS 1920s & 1930s (Res)Humanities
HIS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
HIS999TRAALAsian,African/ L Amer AreaHumanities
HIS999TREAREarly History AreaHumanities
HIS999TRELEElective credit for HistoryHumanities
HIS999TRMODModern European AreaHumanities
HIS999TRUSHUS History AreaHumanities
HMN120SEMLanguage AwarenessHumanities
HMN175LECLiterary HypertextsHumanities
HMN196LECIntro Puerto Rican StudyHumanities
HMN200LECBlack Roots in Span AmerHumanities
HMN213LECIntro Puerto Rican CultHumanities
HMN219SEM20c Puerto Rican LitHumanities
HMN224LECYoung Puerto Rican PoetsHumanities
HMN242LECHerman Hesse's WorldHumanities
HMN318SEMBlack Presnc Lat Am CultHumanities
HMN321SEMYouth Culture in Lat AmerHumanities
HMN374LABHavana: City and CultureHumanities
HMN420SEMIntro Coding HumanitiesHumanities
HMN430LABItal Cinema II: DirectorsHumanities
HMN430LECItal Cinema II:DirectorsHumanities
HMN453SEMMexican Amer AnthologyHumanities
HMN999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
IRI191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem IrishLanguages
IRI191TUT1st Yr-1st Sem IrishHumanities
IRI192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem IrishLanguages
IRI193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem IrishHumanities
IRI193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem IrishLanguages
IRI194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem IrishHumanities
IRI194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem IrishLanguages
IRI999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ITA101LECElem Italian 1st SemesterHumanities
ITA101LECElem Italian 1st SemesterLanguages
ITA102LECElem Italian 2nd SemesterHumanities
ITA102LECElem Italian 2nd SemesterLanguages
ITA104LECTransitional Elem ItalianHumanities
ITA104LECTransitional Elem ItalianLanguages
ITA151LECIntermed ITA 1st SemesterHumanities
ITA151LECIntermed ITA 1st SemesterLanguages
ITA152LECIntermed ITA 2nd SemesterHumanities
ITA152LECIntermed ITA 2nd SemesterLanguages
ITA203LECIntermed ITA 1st SemesterHumanities
ITA206LECIntermed ITA 2nd SemesterHumanities
ITA207LECItal Convers & CompositHumanities
ITA207LECItal Convers & CompositLanguages
ITA321LECConversation & CiviliznHumanities
ITA321LECConversation & CiviliznLanguages
ITA322LECConversation & CiviliznHumanities
ITA322LECConversation & CiviliznLanguages
ITA382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheoryHumanities
ITA382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheorySocial Sciences
ITA403LECWorks of DanteHumanities
ITA404SEMWorks of DanteHumanities
ITA405LEC20c Italian LiteratureHumanities
ITA405LEC20c Italian LiteratureLanguages
ITA407LECHist of Italian LanguageHumanities
ITA411SEMPetrarch & BoccaccioHumanities
ITA411SEMPetrarch & BoccaccioLanguages
ITA412LECTrecento & RenaissanceHumanities
ITA412LECTrecento & RenaissanceLanguages
ITA413LECItalian TheatreArts
ITA413LECItalian TheatreHumanities
ITA413LECItalian TheatreLanguages
ITA414LECLit of the RisorgimentoHumanities
ITA415LECMod Novel Manzoni PresentHumanities
ITA415LECMod Novel Manzoni PresentLanguages
ITA416LECMod Poets Pascoli PresentHumanities
ITA417LEC20c Italian PoetsHumanities
ITA417LEC20c Italian PoetsLanguages
ITA418LECWorks of PirandelloHumanities
ITA418LECWorks of PirandelloLanguages
ITA419LECItalian Lit in TransHumanities
ITA421LECSurvey of IT LitHumanities
ITA422LECModern Italian LitHumanities
ITA422LECModern Italian LitLanguages
ITA423LECDante & Middle Ages (Eng)Humanities
ITA424SEM20th-C Italian TheatreArts
ITA424SEM20th-C Italian TheatreHumanities
ITA425LECItalian NovellaHumanities
ITA425LECItalian NovellaLanguages
ITA426LECMasterpieces Early IT LitHumanities
ITA426LECMasterpieces Early IT LitLanguages
ITA427LECMasterpieces Mod IT LitHumanities
ITA429LECItalian CinemaArts
ITA429LECItalian CinemaHumanities
ITA430LECItalian DirectorsArts
ITA430LECItalian DirectorsHumanities
ITA430LECItalian DirectorsLanguages
ITA444SEMItalian Renaissance DramaHumanities
ITA444SEMItalian Renaissance DramaLanguages
ITA492LECLit Ital Amer ExperienceHumanities
ITA999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ITA999TR200200 Level ElectiveHumanities
ITA999TR200200 Level ElectiveLanguages
ITA999TR300300 Level ElectiveHumanities
ITA999TR300300 Level ElectiveLanguages
ITA999TR400400 Level ElectiveHumanities
ITA999TR400400 Level ElectiveLanguages
ITA999TRBIPBeyond Inter Proficiency-ITALanguages
JDS101LECIntro to Jewish HistoryHumanities
JDS103LECIntro to JudaismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
JDS103LECIntro to JudaismHumanities
JDS111LECGreat Jewish BooksHumanities
JDS112LECWomen in the Jewish FamilyHumanities
JDS141LECIntro to Yiddish 1Languages
JDS142LECIntro to Yiddish 2Languages
JDS150LRAvant GardesArts
JDS150LRAvant GardesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS150LRAvant GardesHumanities
JDS151LECElem Modern Hebrew 1Humanities
JDS152LECElem Modern Hebrew 2Humanities
JDS195LECFoundation of Jewish PhilHumanities
JDS204SEMIntroduction to Jewish EthicsCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS204SEMIntroduction to Jewish EthicsHumanities
JDS205LECHist Geog & Archae IsraelHumanities
JDS206LECChassidic PhilosophyHumanities
JDS207LECGender, Judaism, SocietyHumanities
JDS208LECHolocaust: Hist, Culture, Mem.Humanities
JDS209LECWomen in Jewish LiteratureHumanities
JDS210LECIntro to Old TestamentHumanities
JDS216LECOrigin of Ethics & PoliticsCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS216LECOrigin of Ethics & PoliticsHumanities
JDS225LECModern Times and ReligionHumanities
JDS229LECMedieval JudaismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
JDS229LECMedieval JudaismHumanities
JDS230LECModern Jewish HistoryHumanities
JDS235LECAmer Jewish ExperienceHumanities
JDS237LECHistory of Israel & ZionismHumanities
JDS242LECHebrew Lit in TranslationHumanities
JDS250LECIntro to Biblical HebrewHumanities
JDS251LECIntermediate Hebrew 1Humanities
JDS252LECIntermediate Hebrew 2Humanities
JDS253LECJewish,Christian,Islamic EthicCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS253LECJewish,Christian,Islamic EthicHumanities
JDS254LECJewish Bible CommentariesHumanities
JDS255LECJewish Folklore and MagicHumanities
JDS260LECMidrash/Rabbinic ExegesisHumanities
JDS261LECResponsa LiteratureHumanities
JDS262LECTops in Hebrew Lang & LitHumanities
JDS264LECWorld MusicHumanities
JDS265LECRead Hebrew BibleHumanities
JDS266LECMinor Hebrew ProphetsHumanities
JDS267LECAncient Western WisdomHumanities
JDS270LECAmerican Jewish CommunityHumanities
JDS280LECJewish MysticismHumanities
JDS283LECHolocaust & Jewish LawHumanities
JDS285SEMJewish LawHumanities
JDS286LECPrayer and Altered StatesHumanities
JDS288SEMOld Testament ProphetsHumanities
JDS296LECJewish Business EthicsHumanities
JDS300LECHist & Psych of HolocaustHumanities
JDS301LECPsych Relig Ecstasy:Sex,DrugsHumanities
JDS304LECMesopotamian ArchaeologyHumanities
JDS330SEMGlobal Women's VoicesHumanities
JDS374LECBible As LitCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS374LECBible As LitHumanities
JDS379LECTheorizing ReligionHumanities
JDS380LECClassic & Mediev Pol PhilSocial Sciences
JDS382LECTopics in Talmudic LawHumanities
JDS384SEMMaimonides: Life & WorksCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
JDS384SEMMaimonides: Life & WorksHumanities
JDS385LECMaimonides:Guide of PerpHumanities
JDS389LECAmer Jewish ExperienceHumanities
JDS391LECGender, Body, KabbalahHumanities
JDS396SEMReligion, Science, & PoliticsHumanities
JDS399LECRedempt in Jewish ThoughtHumanities
JDS401SEMMod Streams of JudaismHumanities
JDS402LECJewish Law in DevelopmentHumanities
JDS454LSMedieval Jewish ThoughtHumanities
JDS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
JPN101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN211LECIntroduction to JapanHumanities
JPN301LEC3rd Yr, 1st Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN301LEC3rd Yr, 1st Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN302LEC3rd Yr, 2nd Sem JapaneseHumanities
JPN302LEC3rd Yr, 2nd Sem JapaneseLanguages
JPN361DISTechnical Japanese IHumanities
JPN361DISTechnical Japanese ILanguages
JPN362DISTechnical Japanesse IIHumanities
JPN362DISTechnical Japanesse IILanguages
JPN371LECBusiness Japanese 1Humanities
JPN371LECBusiness Japanese 1Languages
JPN372LECBusiness Japanese 2Humanities
JPN372LECBusiness Japanese 2Languages
JPN401SEM4th Year-1st Semester JpnHumanities
JPN401SEM4th Year-1st Semester JpnLanguages
JPN402SEM4th Year-2nd Semester JpnHumanities
JPN402SEM4th Year-2nd Semester JpnLanguages
JPN411LECIntro to Japanese LingHumanities
JPN451SEMTchng Jpn As Foreign LangHumanities
JPN493LECTopic: Japanese Lang/CultHumanities
JPN999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
KOR101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR101LEC1st Yr-1st Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR104LECTransitional KoreanHumanities
KOR104LECTransitional KoreanLanguages
KOR201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR301LEC3rd Yr-1st Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR301LEC3rd Yr-1st Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR302LEC3rd Year, 2nd Sem KoreanHumanities
KOR302LEC3rd Year, 2nd Sem KoreanLanguages
KOR331LECKorean Literature 1Humanities
KOR332LECKorean Literature 2Humanities
KOR351LECKorean Lit in Transltn 1Humanities
KOR352LECKorean Lit in Transltn 2Humanities
KOR401LECAdvanced KoreanHumanities
KOR401LECAdvanced KoreanLanguages
KOR402LECAdvanced KoreanHumanities
KOR402LECAdvanced KoreanLanguages
KOR411LECIntro Korean LinguisticsHumanities
KOR411LECIntro Korean LinguisticsLanguages
KOR421LECKor Language and CultureHumanities
KOR421LECKor Language and CultureLanguages
KOR999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
LAI111LRMath Reasoning & CommunicationMathematics
LAT101LECLatin Lang & Culture 1Humanities
LAT101LECLatin Lang & Culture 1Languages
LAT102LECLatin Lang & Culture 2Humanities
LAT102LECLatin Lang & Culture 2Languages
LAT201LECLatin Lang & Culture 3Humanities
LAT201LECLatin Lang & Culture 3Languages
LAT202LECLatin Lang & Culture 4Humanities
LAT202LECLatin Lang & Culture 4Languages
LAT302LECLatin Lyric PoetryHumanities
LAT302LECLatin Lyric PoetryLanguages
LAT404LECCiceronian OratoryHumanities
LAT443LECReading Latin LiteratureHumanities
LAT445LECLatin Syntax & StylisticsHumanities
LAT445LECLatin Syntax & StylisticsLanguages
LAT999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
LIN104LECWriting SystemsSocial Sciences
LIN106LECLanguages of the WorldSocial Sciences
LIN108LECThe Roots of EnglishSocial Sciences
LIN198SEMFreshman SeminarSocial Sciences
LIN200LECLanguage in Pluralistic AmericCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
LIN200LECLanguage in Pluralistic AmericSocial Sciences
LIN205LECIntro to Ling AnalysisSocial Sciences
LIN207LECLang., Society, and the indiviSocial Sciences
LIN311LECVariation in EnglishSocial Sciences
LIN315LECLang in Its Soc SettingSocial Sciences
LIN320LECLanguage & the BrainSocial Sciences
LIN345LECNatrl Lang & the ComputerSocial Sciences
LIN355LECChild Language DevelopmntSocial Sciences
LIN356LECIntr Contemp Theor MetaphoSocial Sciences
LIN402LECPhonology PracticumSocial Sciences
LIN404LECDiscourse-PragmaticsSocial Sciences
LIN405LECBiling & Contact LingSocial Sciences
LIN406LECMeaning Communica BehavrsSocial Sciences
LIN410LECMorphologySocial Sciences
LIN413LECLanguage & CognitionSocial Sciences
LIN415LECSyntax 1Social Sciences
LIN417LECPsycholinguisticsSocial Sciences
LIN421LECLinguistic AnthropologySocial Sciences
LIN425LECTypology and UniversalsSocial Sciences
LIN426LECComp Syn TheorySocial Sciences
LIN431LECPhoneticsSocial Sciences
LIN432LECPhonology 1Social Sciences
LIN433LECPhonology 2Social Sciences
LIN434LECSyntax 2Social Sciences
LIN437LECSyntax of RomanceSocial Sciences
LIN438LECSemanticsSocial Sciences
LIN439LECHistorical LinguisticsSocial Sciences
LIN443LECSemantics 2Social Sciences
LIN448LECFormal SemanticsSocial Sciences
LIN452LECPhrase Structure GrammarSocial Sciences
LIN455LECLanguage AcquisitionSocial Sciences
LIN465LECIntro to DialectologySocial Sciences
LIN467LECComputational LinguisticsSocial Sciences
LIN481LECCog Foundations of LangSocial Sciences
LIN493LECSociolinguisticsSocial Sciences
LIN999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
LIN999TRELEElective credit for LinguisticSocial Sciences
LLS200LECBlack Roots in Span-AmerHumanities
LLS204LECIntro Latina/O CultureHumanities
LLS208LEC20c Latina/O LiteratureHumanities
LLS256LECLatin/o American PoliticsHumanities
LLS301SEMEthnicity & Latina/O ExprHumanities
LLS303SEMMainland Caribbean ExprncHumanities
LLS305SEMContemp Afro-Carib ReligHumanities
LLS307SEMHist of Ideas Puerto RicoHumanities
LLS308SEMBlack Presnc Lat Am CultHumanities
LLS322LECLatina/o American CinemaHumanities
LLS401SEMSem Latina/O StudiesHumanities
LLS402SEMLatina/O LiteratureHumanities
LLS440SEMCaribbean Short StoriesHumanities
LLS475SEMLatino MasculinityHumanities
MG999TRE181Transfer elective creditSocial Sciences
MG999TRE182Transfer elective creditSocial Sciences
MGQ201LRIntro to Stats for AnalyticsMathematics
MGQ301LECStat Decisions in MgtMathematics
MTH101LRIntro to Contemporary MathMathematics
MTH115LRSurvey of Algebra & TrigMathematics
MTH121LRSurv Calculus & Appl 1Mathematics
MTH122LRSurv Calculus & Appl 2Mathematics
MTH131LRMath Analysis for ManagemtMathematics
MTH141LRCollege Calculus 1Mathematics
MTH142LRCollege Calculus 2Mathematics
MTH154LRHonors Calculus 2Mathematics
MTH241LRCollege Calculus 3Mathematics
MTR210SEMMusic Theatre Repertory 1Arts
MTR220SEMMusical Theatre Dance 1Arts
MTR250SEMSpecial Topics in Music ThArts
MTR302LECMusical Theatre HistoryArts
MTR305SEMMusic Theatre WorkshopArts
MTR320SEMMusical Theatre Dance 2Arts
MTR405SEMGemms Musical Theatre CoArts
MTR410SEMMusic Theatre Repertory 2Arts
MTR420SEMMusical Th Scene StudyArts
MTR460SEMApplied Voice for MtrArts
MUS103LABMusicianship IArts
MUS104LABEar TrainingArts
MUS105LABElem Harm & Ctpt 1Arts
MUS105LECElem Harm & Ctpt 1Arts
MUS106LABElem Harm & Ctpt 2Arts
MUS106LLBElem Harm & Ctpt 2Arts
MUS109LECMaster ComposerArts
MUS110LECSeminar in Music HistoryArts
MUS111LECMusic in West CiviliznArts
MUS113LECMusic in Society: Mus & GenderArts
MUS114LECGenres of MusicArts
MUS115LECUnderstanding MusicArts
MUS115LECUnderstanding MusicHumanities
MUS116LECTheory of Music Non-MajorArts
MUS117LECPop Music/Ragtime to RockArts
MUS118LECThe Beatles in the 1960'sArts
MUS119LABClass Voice ProductionArts
MUS119TUTClass Voice ProductionArts
MUS121TUTUniversity ChorusArts
MUS132TUTUB Wind EnsembleArts
MUS134TUTFund Exhibition MarchingArts
MUS140TUTChamber MusicArts
MUS148TUTChamber Music GuitarArts
MUS151TUTUniversity ChoirArts
MUS156TUTJazz Ensemble Big BandArts
MUS157TUTJazz Ensemble ComboArts
MUS204LECMusic and MoneyArts
MUS204LECMusic and MoneyHumanities
MUS205LECJazz TheoryArts
MUS206LECMusic in the MoviesArts
MUS209LABMusicianship IIIArts
MUS210LABMusicianship IVArts
MUS211LLBIntermed Harm & Ctpt 1Arts
MUS212LLBIntermed Harm & Ctpt 2Arts
MUS213LECMusic History Survey 1Arts
MUS214LECMusic History Survey 2Arts
MUS220LABOn the Edge PerformanceArts
MUS257LECInstrument Tech PercussnArts
MUS265LECRock MusicArts
MUS266LECMusic in Society: Arts OneArts
MUS300LECAmerican MusicArts
MUS301LECIntro to Electronic Mus 1Arts
MUS301LECIntro to Musical TheaterArts
MUS302LECIntro to Electronic Mus 2Arts
MUS305LECCounterpoint 16th CentArts
MUS311LECMaster ComposerArts
MUS314LECChamber Music LiteratureArts
MUS332TUTUB Wind EnsembleArts
MUS333LECOpera HistoryArts
MUS341LECHistory of Jazz 1Arts
MUS343LECElem Conducting 1Arts
MUS344LECElem Conducting 2Arts
MUS400SEMComposition SeminarArts
MUS404LECRecord Studio TechniquesArts
MUS409LECMusic of Middle AgesArts
MUS410LECMusic of RenaissanceArts
MUS411LECMusic of Baroque EraArts
MUS412LECMusic of Classical PeriodArts
MUS413LECMusic of Romantic PeriodArts
MUS414LECMusic of 20th CenturyArts
MUS415LECStudies in Jazz HistoryArts
MUS416LECCounterpoint 18th CentArts
MUS417LECTheory & Pract Pop MusicArts
MUS437LECAnalysis of Tonal MusicArts
MUS438LECAnalysis-20th-C MusicArts
MUS447LABContemporary EnsembleArts
MUS999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
MUS999TR105PMUS105 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR106PMUS106 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR149PMUS159 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR159PMUS149 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR211PMUS211 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR212PMUS212 by AuditionArts
MUS999TR459PMUS459999 by AuditionArts
MUS999TRAUDAudition RequiredArts
NSG295LECStatistics for Health CareMathematics
NTR108LECHuman NutritionNatural Sciences
NTR109LECNutrition in PracticeNatural Sciences
NTR110LABNutrition in PracticeNatural Sciences
OPR401TUTStudy Abroad - ArtsArts
OPR402TUTStudy Abroad - LanguagesLanguages
OPR403TUTStudy Abroad - Civ and HistoryCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
OPR404TUTStudy Abroad - HumanitiesHumanities
OPR405TUTStudy Abroad - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
OPR411TUTUB Prgms Abroad - ArtsArts
OPR412TUTUB Prgms Abroad - LanguagesLanguages
OPR413TUTUB Prgms Abroad - Civ & HistCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
OPR414TUTUB Prgms Abroad - HumanitiesHumanities
OPR415TUTUB Prgms Abroad - Social SciSocial Sciences
OPR421TUTUB Exchg Abroad - ArtsArts
OPR422TUTUB Exchg Abroad - LanguagesLanguages
OPR423TUTUB Exchg Abroad - Civ & HistCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
OPR424TUTUB Exchg Abroad - HumanitiesHumanities
OPR425TUTUB Exchg Abroad - Social SciSocial Sciences
OPR431TUTOther SUNY Abroad- ArtsArts
OPR432TUTOther SUNY Abroad- LanguagesLanguages
OPR433TUTOther SUNY Abroad-Civ & HistCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
OPR434TUTOther SUNY Abroad-HumanitiesHumanities
OPR435TUTOther SUNY Abroad-Social SciSocial Sciences
PGY300LECHuman PhysiologyNatural Sciences
PHI101LECIntro to PhilosophyHumanities
PHI105LECContemporary Moral ProblemsHumanities
PHI108LECKnowledge and RealityHumanities
PHI109LECSocial & Political PhilHumanities
PHI110LECPhil of Human NatureHumanities
PHI111LECIntro to PhilosophyHumanities
PHI112LECTops Phil of ReligionHumanities
PHI115LECCritical ThinkingHumanities
PHI117LECProfessional EthicsHumanities
PHI138LECTops EthicsHumanities
PHI152LECIntro to Oriental ThoughtHumanities
PHI154SEMAsian WisdomHumanities
PHI162LECLaw Morality AuthorityHumanities
PHI175LECIntro to Deductive LogicHumanities
PHI187LECTops 19c PhilHumanities
PHI212LECIntro to Philosophy of ReligioHumanities
PHI213LECWorld ReligionsHumanities
PHI215LRSymbolic LogicHumanities
PHI215LRSymbolic LogicMathematics
PHI217LECProfessional EthicsHumanities
PHI221LECScience and ReligionHumanities
PHI228LECTops Phil of LanguageHumanities
PHI234LECEnvironmental EthicsHumanities
PHI236LECBusiness EthicsHumanities
PHI237LECTheory of Common MoralityHumanities
PHI237LECMedical Ethics: Values in MedHumanities
PHI238LECPhilosophy of LawHumanities
PHI239LECLaw and MoralityHumanities
PHI240LECPhil of Med: Theory & PracticeHumanities
PHI246LECPhilosophy in LiteratureHumanities
PHI248LECPhil and Pop CultureHumanities
PHI252LECEastern PhilosophyHumanities
PHI256LECTops Hist of PhilHumanities
PHI265LECTops Ancient PhilHumanities
PHI279LECTops in 16c to 18cHumanities
PHI287LECTops 19c PhilosophyHumanities
PHI313LECNature of ReligionHumanities
PHI314LECPhilosophy of ReligionHumanities
PHI320LECPhilosophy of MindHumanities
PHI321LECPhilosophy of ScienceHumanities
PHI322LECPhil of Social SciencesHumanities
PHI328LECPhilosophy of LanguageHumanities
PHI330LECMarxist Epistem & ScienceHumanities
PHI335LECContemp Ethical TheoryHumanities
PHI336LECHistory of EthicsHumanities
PHI338LECLaw and MoralityHumanities
PHI339LECPhilosophy of LawHumanities
PHI340LECLaw & ResponsibilityHumanities
PHI341LECSocial PhilosophyHumanities
PHI342LECPolitical PhilosophyHumanities
PHI344LECAesth Theory & CriticismHumanities
PHI345LECAesthetics & the Phil of ArtArts
PHI345LECAesthetics & the Phil of ArtHumanities
PHI347LECFeminist PhilosophyHumanities
PHI359LECAmerican PhilosophyHumanities
PHI360LECAncient PhilosophyHumanities
PHI366LECMedieval PhilosophyHumanities
PHI370LECEarly Modern PhilosophyHumanities
PHI380LECNineteenth Century PhilosophyHumanities
PHI388LEC20 Century PhilosophyHumanities
PHI415LECLogical Theory 1Humanities
PHI415LECLogical Theory 1Mathematics
PHI416LECLogical Theory 2Humanities
PHI416LECLogical Theory 2Mathematics
PHI417LECModal LogicHumanities
PHI418LECPhil of MathematicsHumanities
PHI419LECPhilosophy of LogicHumanities
PHI420LECTops Phil of ScienceHumanities
PHI442SEMContemp Issues Soc PhilHumanities
PHI452SEMEastern PhilosophyHumanities
PHI454LECChinese PhilosophyHumanities
PHI465SEMAncient PhilosophyHumanities
PHI469LECMedieval & Renaiss PhilosHumanities
PHI484LRPhil of CompHumanities
PHI490LECIntro to WittgensteinHumanities
PHI999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
PHI999TR100100 Level ElectiveHumanities
PHY101LRCollege PhysicsNatural Sciences
PHY102LRCollege PhysicsNatural Sciences
PHY107LRGeneral Physics 1Natural Sciences
PHY108LRGeneral Physics 2Natural Sciences
PHY117LRGen Phys Hon 1Natural Sciences
PHY118LRGen Phys Hon 2Natural Sciences
PHY121LLBDescriptive Astronomy 1Natural Sciences
PHY122LLBDescriptive Astronomy 2Natural Sciences
PHY151LABCollege Physics Lab 1Natural Sciences
PHY152LABCollege Physics Lab 2Natural Sciences
PHY158LABGeneral Physics Lab 2Natural Sciences
POL101LECElem Polish 1st SemesterHumanities
POL101LECElem Polish 1st SemesterLanguages
POL102LECElem Polish 2nd SemesterHumanities
POL102LECElem Polish 2nd SemesterLanguages
POL203LECIntermed Pol 1st SemesterHumanities
POL203LECIntermed Pol 1st SemesterLanguages
POL204LECIntermed Pol 2nd SemesterHumanities
POL204LECIntermed Pol 2nd SemesterLanguages
POL205LECHistory of PolandHumanities
POL222LECPolish Culture:TheatreHumanities
POL231LECIntro to Polish LitHumanities
POL305LECAdvanced Polish Part 1Humanities
POL305LECAdvanced Polish Part 1Languages
POL306LECAdvanced Polish Part 2Humanities
POL306LECAdvanced Polish Part 2Languages
POL324LECPoland TodayHumanities
POL338LECPoland in EuropeHumanities
POL999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
POR102LECElem Portugese 2nd SemesLanguages
POR201LECIntermed Por 1st SemesterHumanities
POR201LECIntermed Por 1st SemesterLanguages
POR202LECIntermed Por 2nd SemesterHumanities
POR202LECIntermed Por 2nd SemesterLanguages
POR999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
PSC100LECEndur Iss Pol SciSocial Sciences
PSC101LECIntro American PoliticsCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
PSC101LECIntro American PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC102LECIntro Internat PoliticsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC102LECIntro Internat PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC103LECIntro to Comparative PoliticsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC103LECIntro to Comparative PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC104LECIntro to Political PhilSocial Sciences
PSC118LECJust & Unjust WarSocial Sciences
PSC180LECInto to Political BehaviorSocial Sciences
PSC200LECEmpirical Political SciSocial Sciences
PSC215LECLaw & Political ProcessSocial Sciences
PSC218LECLaw Morality AuthorityHumanities
PSC222LECPolitics & SocietySocial Sciences
PSC224LECPolitics and TechnologySocial Sciences
PSC225LECEquality & Justice in USCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
PSC225LECEquality & Justice in USSocial Sciences
PSC227LECPolitics and GeographySocial Sciences
PSC229LECE. Asian Political EconSocial Sciences
PSC293SEMRace & the LawSocial Sciences
PSC301LECCases in Civil LibertiesSocial Sciences
PSC302LECProtect Civil LibertiesSocial Sciences
PSC303LECConstitutional LawSocial Sciences
PSC304LECLegislative PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC305LECJudicial PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC306LECThe American PresidencySocial Sciences
PSC307LECPolitical PartiesSocial Sciences
PSC308LECOrg.Theory Political Inst.Social Sciences
PSC309LECAmerican FederalismSocial Sciences
PSC310LECPublic AdministrationSocial Sciences
PSC311LECState PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC312LECUrban PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC313LECElections & Voting BehaviorSocial Sciences
PSC314LECPublic Policy MakingSocial Sciences
PSC315LECU S Political EconomySocial Sciences
PSC316LECPols of Political ChoiceSocial Sciences
PSC317LECEnvironmental PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC319LECMedia in Amer PoliticsCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
PSC319LECMedia in Amer PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC320LECPublic OpinionSocial Sciences
PSC324LECPolitics of HousingSocial Sciences
PSC326LECWar & Int'l SecurityCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC326LECWar & Int'l SecuritySocial Sciences
PSC327LECThe Cold War and AfterSocial Sciences
PSC328LECIntl Political EconomyCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC328LECIntl Political EconomySocial Sciences
PSC329LECUS-Latin Amer RelationsSocial Sciences
PSC330LECInternat Relations ProbsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC330LECInternat Relations ProbsSocial Sciences
PSC332LECInternat OrganizationSocial Sciences
PSC333LECInternat Relations TheorySocial Sciences
PSC334LECInternational Legal ProbsSocial Sciences
PSC335LECAmerican Foreign PolicySocial Sciences
PSC336LECRussian Foreign PolicySocial Sciences
PSC337LECChinese Foreign PolicySocial Sciences
PSC338LECCompar Foreign PoliciesCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC338LECCompar Foreign PoliciesSocial Sciences
PSC339LECInternational LawSocial Sciences
PSC340LECPolitics in Western EurSocial Sciences
PSC341LECPolitical Regime ChangeSocial Sciences
PSC342LECPolitics of Devel NationsSocial Sciences
PSC343LECPolitics of Domestic UnrestSocial Sciences
PSC344LECPresidential CampaignsSocial Sciences
PSC345LECCanadian PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC346LECIndividuals & World PolSocial Sciences
PSC350LECPolitics of Post-Soviet StatesSocial Sciences
PSC351LECPol of E.Eur NationsSocial Sciences
PSC355LECAsian PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC370LECAfrican PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC371LECMiddle Eastern PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC372LECLatin American PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC373LECInternational FuturesSocial Sciences
PSC374LECMetro PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC376LECMoney in PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC378LECPolitics of GenderSocial Sciences
PSC379LECRacial & Ethnic PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC380LECClassic & Mediev Pol PhilSocial Sciences
PSC382LECMachiavelli Marx Pol PhilSocial Sciences
PSC383LEC20c Political PhilosophySocial Sciences
PSC384LECAmerican Political PrinciplesSocial Sciences
PSC392LECPolitical Analysis LabSocial Sciences
PSC393LECGame Theory & PoliticsSocial Sciences
PSC395LECEmp Democrat TheorySocial Sciences
PSC401LECAdv Civil LibertiesSocial Sciences
PSC404TUTCommunity Internship ProgSocial Sciences
PSC406SEMSeminar Supreme CourtSocial Sciences
PSC408LLBBasic Stats for/Soc ScMathematics
PSC408LLBBasic Stats for/Soc ScSocial Sciences
PSC410SEMNYS Legis Internship ProgSocial Sciences
PSC411LABNYS Legis Intership ProgSocial Sciences
PSC412LECComparative Pol InstSocial Sciences
PSC413LECComp Pol EconomySocial Sciences
PSC418LECThe International SystemSocial Sciences
PSC419SEMSem International CrisesSocial Sciences
PSC420LECCompar Political PartiesSocial Sciences
PSC421LECComparative BureaucraciesSocial Sciences
PSC430LECHuman RightsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PSC430LECHuman RightsSocial Sciences
PSC436LECCitizen ParticipationSocial Sciences
PSC438LECCivil Military RelationsSocial Sciences
PSC470LECLegal Political TheorySocial Sciences
PSC480SEMAdv Con LawSocial Sciences
PSC999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
PSC999TR100100 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
PSC999TR200200 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
PSC999TR300300 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
PSY101LECIntroductory PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY121LECSubstance Use and AbuseSocial Sciences
PSY207LLBPsychological StatisticsMathematics
PSY207LLBPsychological StatisticsSocial Sciences
PSY221LECPsychology of PersonalitySocial Sciences
PSY222LECAbnormal PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY223LECDevelopmental PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY224LECSocial PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY225LECHealth PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY226LECPsych of Human SexualitySocial Sciences
PSY229LECPsy of Work & OrganizsSocial Sciences
PSY230LECBiopsychologySocial Sciences
PSY231LECCommunity PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY232LECClinical PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY246LECSensory Proces & PerceptnSocial Sciences
PSY247LECCognitive PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY308LECSmall Group ProcessesSocial Sciences
PSY311LECPsych of GenderSocial Sciences
PSY314LECSocial CognitionSocial Sciences
PSY320LECAdult Development & AgingSocial Sciences
PSY321LECPsychology of PersonalitySocial Sciences
PSY322LECAbnormal PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY323LECCommunity PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY324LECClinical PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY325LECHealth PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY331LECSocial PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY332LECConflict ResolutionSocial Sciences
PSY333LECPsy of Work & OrganizsSocial Sciences
PSY336LECDevelopmental PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY341LECCognitive PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY343LECSensory Proces & PerceptnSocial Sciences
PSY345LECMemorySocial Sciences
PSY348LECIntro to PsycholinguistSocial Sciences
PSY349LECMotivational TheorySocial Sciences
PSY350LECScientific InquirySocial Sciences
PSY350LECRes Meth PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY351LECBiopsychologySocial Sciences
PSY353LECHealth PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY357LECCognitive DevelopmentSocial Sciences
PSY362LECSport & Exercise PsySocial Sciences
PSY402LECPsychopharmacologySocial Sciences
PSY404LECAlcohol and HealthSocial Sciences
PSY405LECData AnalysisSocial Sciences
PSY407LECPsych of Social ConflictSocial Sciences
PSY407SEMConsciousness & the SelfSocial Sciences
PSY408LECSmall Group ProcessesSocial Sciences
PSY409LECOrganizational Dev&ChangeSocial Sciences
PSY410LECExistential PsychSocial Sciences
PSY411LECSelf and Self-EsteemSocial Sciences
PSY412LECPsy Aggress & ViolenceSocial Sciences
PSY413LECSocial CognitionSocial Sciences
PSY414LECAssess Indiv DifferencesSocial Sciences
PSY415LECPsychology and LawSocial Sciences
PSY416LECReasoningSocial Sciences
PSY417LECPsychology of IdentitySocial Sciences
PSY418LECBeh Mod and Beh MedicineSocial Sciences
PSY419LECBiology of MemorySocial Sciences
PSY420LECClose RelationshipsSocial Sciences
PSY421LECHistory of PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY422LECAnxiety DisordersSocial Sciences
PSY423LECMood DisordersSocial Sciences
PSY424LECAbnormal Child PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY425LECPsy of Human SexualitySocial Sciences
PSY426LECExp. Models of Psy DisordersSocial Sciences
PSY427LECAdult Development & AgingSocial Sciences
PSY428LECLanguage DevelopmentSocial Sciences
PSY429LECPsychophysiologySocial Sciences
PSY431LECMind-Body in a Soc WorldSocial Sciences
PSY432LECPsych of Environm HazardsSocial Sciences
PSY434LECAnimal BehaviorSocial Sciences
PSY435LECPsychobiol of ReproductnSocial Sciences
PSY436LECNeuropsychologySocial Sciences
PSY436SEMNeuropsychologySocial Sciences
PSY437LECCross-Cultural PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY438LECSport & Exercise PsySocial Sciences
PSY439LECBiopsychology of StressSocial Sciences
PSY439SEMBiopsychology of StressSocial Sciences
PSY440LECHormones and BehaviorSocial Sciences
PSY442LECBiopsych of Ingestive BehaviorSocial Sciences
PSY443LECCommunication in AnimalsSocial Sciences
PSY445LECMemorySocial Sciences
PSY446LECAnimal CognitionSocial Sciences
PSY447LECPsychology of MusicSocial Sciences
PSY448LECIntro to PsycholinguistSocial Sciences
PSY449LECMotivational TheorySocial Sciences
PSY450LECRes Meth PsychologySocial Sciences
PSY451LECDrug AddictionSocial Sciences
PSY452LECPsychology of PrejudiceSocial Sciences
PSY455SEMApp Beh Analys Child 1Social Sciences
PSY456SEMApp Beh Analys Child 2Social Sciences
PSY457LECCognitive DevelopmentSocial Sciences
PSY458LECAdolescent DevelopmentSocial Sciences
PSY485Infancy & Early ChildhoodSocial Sciences
PSY999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
PSY999TR200AContact PSY for course reviewSocial Sciences
PSY999TR200BContact PSY for course reviewSocial Sciences
PSY999TR300AContact PSY for course reviewSocial Sciences
PSY999TR300BContact PSY for course reviewSocial Sciences
PSY999TRBEHBehav Neursci Gr Req for PSYSocial Sciences
PSY999TRCLNClinical Group Req for PSYSocial Sciences
PSY999TRCOGCognitive Group Req for PSYSocial Sciences
PSY999TRSCLSocial Group Req for PSYSocial Sciences
PUB101LECIntroduction to Public HealthSocial Sciences
PUB210LECGlobal Public HealthSocial Sciences
PUB211LDBehavior Driven DiseaseCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
PUB422LECPublic Health EthicsHumanities
PUB422LECPublic Health EthicsSocial Sciences
RLL150LRAvant GardesArts
RLL150LRAvant GardesCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
RLL150LRAvant GardesHumanities
RLL191LECSpecial Topics in Spa LgHumanities
RLL192LECSpecial Topics in Fr LgHumanities
RLL193LECSpecial Topics in Ita LgHumanities
RSP113LECMyth & Religion Anc WorldHumanities
RSP200LECChristian ApologeticsHumanities
RSP203LECIntro to JudaismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
RSP203LECIntro to JudaismHumanities
RSP205LECHist Geog & Archae IsraelHumanities
RSP207LECGender, Judaism, SocietyHumanities
RSP210LECIntro to Old TestamentHumanities
RSP211LECIntro to CatholicismHumanities
RSP213LECWorld ReligionsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
RSP213LECWorld ReligionsHumanities
RSP216LECWorld ReligionsHumanities
RSP218LECJesus: His Life & HistoryHumanities
RSP220SEMChristian SpiritualityHumanities
RSP223LECWestern Church HistoryHumanities
RSP224LECAmer Church HistoryHumanities
RSP225LECModern Jewish ThoughtHumanities
RSP226LECEarly Christian LiteratureHumanities
RSP229LECMedieval JudaismCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
RSP229LECMedieval JudaismHumanities
RSP230LECModern Jewish HistoryHumanities
RSP231LECPaul and the Early ChurchHumanities
RSP237LECHistory of Israel & ZionismHumanities
RSP242LECNew Testament Lit & ThghtHumanities
RSP244SEMWorkshop in New TestamentHumanities
RSP245LECGospel of Luke & ActsHumanities
RSP246SEMGospel John & ApocalypseHumanities
RSP247LECSurv Christian TheologyHumanities
RSP249SEMBiblical InterpretationHumanities
RSP254LECJewish Bible CommentariesHumanities
RSP255LECJewish Folklore and MagicHumanities
RSP260LECIntro to Christian EthicsHumanities
RSP282LECChristianity in West CultHumanities
RSP285SEMJewish LawHumanities
RSP286LECCS LewisHumanities
RSP288SEMOld Testament ProphetsHumanities
RSP339LECBible As LiteratureHumanities
RSP384SEMMaimonides:Guide of PerpHumanities
RSP388LECIslamic Cultural HistoryHumanities
RSP390SEMNew Test Wksp Pauline LetHumanities
RSP396LECReligion and ScienceHumanities
RSP999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
RUS101LECElem Russian 1st SemesterHumanities
RUS101LECElem Russian 1st SemesterLanguages
RUS102LECElem Russian 2nd SemesterHumanities
RUS102LECElem Russian 2nd SemesterLanguages
RUS104LECRuss for Native SpeakersLanguages
RUS223LECIntermed Rus 1st SemesterHumanities
RUS223LECIntermed Rus 1st SemesterLanguages
RUS224LECIntermed Rus 2nd SemesterHumanities
RUS224LECIntermed Rus 2nd SemesterLanguages
RUS229LECWoman in Russian LitHumanities
RUS301LECThird Year RussianHumanities
RUS301LECThird Year RussianLanguages
RUS302LECThird Year RussianHumanities
RUS302LECThird Year RussianLanguages
RUS311LECRussian CultureHumanities
RUS321LECCult Background Russ LitHumanities
RUS324LECRussian Lit in TransHumanities
RUS408LECFourth Year RussianHumanities
RUS408LECFourth Year RussianLanguages
RUS426LEC19c & 20c Lit MasterpcHumanities
RUS999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
SOC101DISIntro to Soc (Online)Social Sciences
SOC101LECIntroduction to SociologySocial Sciences
SOC121LECSubstance Use and AbuseSocial Sciences
SOC205LECSociology of the ArtsArts
SOC205LECSociology of the ArtsSocial Sciences
SOC206LECSocial ProblemsSocial Sciences
SOC211LECSociology of DiversityCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
SOC211LECSociology of DiversitySocial Sciences
SOC229LECPopulation DynamicsSocial Sciences
SOC239LECSociology of HappinessSocial Sciences
SOC293LECSocial Research MethodsSocial Sciences
SOC294LRBasic Stat for Social SciMathematics
SOC294LRBasic Stat for Social SciSocial Sciences
SOC304LECSociology of AgingSocial Sciences
SOC305LECOrganizations and SocietySocial Sciences
SOC307LECCriminologySocial Sciences
SOC308LECLives in Time and PlaceSocial Sciences
SOC309LECSocial ChangeSocial Sciences
SOC310LECSociology of EducationSocial Sciences
SOC311LECDrugs and SocietySocial Sciences
SOC313LECSociology of FamiliesSocial Sciences
SOC314LECSociology of GenderSocial Sciences
SOC315LECSociology of City LifeSocial Sciences
SOC317LECCriminal Justice SystemsSocial Sciences
SOC318LECGender and WorkSocial Sciences
SOC319LECJuvenile JusticeSocial Sciences
SOC321LECRace & EthnicitySocial Sciences
SOC322LECMedical SociologySocial Sciences
SOC328LECSocial InequalitySocial Sciences
SOC330LECCinematic SociologyArts
SOC330LECCinematic SociologySocial Sciences
SOC331LECWealth and PovertySocial Sciences
SOC332LECWork, Employment and SocietySocial Sciences
SOC333LECSocial OrganizationSocial Sciences
SOC334LECSociology of Popular CultureSocial Sciences
SOC335LECSociology of AdolescenceSocial Sciences
SOC336LECSociology of CultureSocial Sciences
SOC337LECSociology of PunishmentSocial Sciences
SOC338LECSoc of SexualitySocial Sciences
SOC340LECMen & MasculinitiesSocial Sciences
SOC341LECEnvironment & SocietySocial Sciences
SOC342LECSoc Group in Urban SpaceSocial Sciences
SOC345LECSociology of DevianceSocial Sciences
SOC348LECUrban SociologySocial Sciences
SOC349LECClassical Soc TheorySocial Sciences
SOC354LECScience & TechnologySocial Sciences
SOC358LECSociology of FoodSocial Sciences
SOC360LECPolitical SociologySocial Sciences
SOC362LECFamilies & InequalitySocial Sciences
SOC363LECFamilies and Public PolicySocial Sciences
SOC364LECSociology of the BodySocial Sciences
SOC366LECCrime & Popular CultureSocial Sciences
SOC371LECIndividual & SocietySocial Sciences
SOC373LECLaw & SocietySocial Sciences
SOC375LECMilitary SociologySocial Sciences
SOC377LECSocial Inequality in the MediaSocial Sciences
SOC378LECSocial Inequalities & HealthSocial Sciences
SOC380LECFamilies across the GlobeSocial Sciences
SOC382LECDeath & DyingSocial Sciences
SOC384LECSocial MovementsSocial Sciences
SOC387LECRace & RacismSocial Sciences
SOC390LECRace,Class,Gender/MilitarySocial Sciences
SOC395LECGlobal SociologySocial Sciences
SOC403LECSocial Research MethodsSocial Sciences
SOC404LLBBasic Stat for Soc SciMathematics
SOC404LLBBasic Stat for Soc SciSocial Sciences
SOC414LECAnalysis of OrganizationsSocial Sciences
SOC421LECWriting in the Social SciencesSocial Sciences
SOC422SEMAdv Topics Health & SocietySocial Sciences
SOC446SEMAdv Topics Environmental SocSocial Sciences
SOC450LECContemporary Sociological ThrySocial Sciences
SOC457LECSocial Policies for Aging SociSocial Sciences
SOC466LECWmn Work & Social ChangeSocial Sciences
SOC467LECSociology & Social PolicySocial Sciences
SOC477SEMSociology of Health CareSocial Sciences
SOC482SEMAdv Topics Social JusticeSocial Sciences
SOC485LECAdv Topics Social ChangeSocial Sciences
SOC492SEMAnalysis of Social DataSocial Sciences
SOC999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
SOC999TR101SOC 101 - No DiversitySocial Sciences
SOC999TR200200 Level Elective for SOCSocial Sciences
SOC999TR300300 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
SOC999TR400400 Level ElectiveSocial Sciences
SPA101LECElem Spanish 1st SemesterHumanities
SPA101LECElem Spanish 1st SemesterLanguages
SPA102LECElem Spanish 2nd SemesterHumanities
SPA102LECElem Spanish 2nd SemesterLanguages
SPA104LECTransitional Elem SpanishHumanities
SPA104LECTransitional Elem SpanishLanguages
SPA151LECIntermed Spa 1st SemesterHumanities
SPA151LECIntermed Spa 1st SemesterLanguages
SPA152LECIntermed Spa 2nd SemesterHumanities
SPA152LECIntermed Spa 2nd SemesterLanguages
SPA154LECIntensive Interm SpanishHumanities
SPA154LECIntensive Interm SpanishLanguages
SPA171LECSpa/Heritage Speakers 1Humanities
SPA171LECSpa/Heritage Speakers 1Languages
SPA172LECSpa/Heritage Speakers 2Humanities
SPA172LECSpa/Heritage Speakers 2Languages
SPA207LECSpan Conv & Lang WkshpHumanities
SPA207LECSpan Conv & Lang WkshpLanguages
SPA208LECSpan Comp & Lang WkshpHumanities
SPA208LECSpan Comp & Lang WkshpLanguages
SPA210LECHow to Read Spanish TextHumanities
SPA210LECHow to Read Spanish TextLanguages
SPA215LECInter Grammar ReviewHumanities
SPA215LECInter Grammar ReviewLanguages
SPA216LECHispanic CivilizationHumanities
SPA216LECHispanic CivilizationLanguages
SPA221LECSPA Conv Thru FilmHumanities
SPA221LECSPA Conv Thru FilmLanguages
SPA225LECSpan Lang Through TheaterHumanities
SPA225LECSpan Lang Through TheaterLanguages
SPA301LECSpan Lit:Middle Ages-17cHumanities
SPA301LECSpan Lit:Middle Ages-17cLanguages
SPA302LECSpan Lit: 18thc to PresentHumanities
SPA302LECSpan Lit: 18thc to PresentLanguages
SPA303LECSpanish Romantsm & RealsmHumanities
SPA303LECSpanish Romantsm & RealsmLanguages
SPA304LECEarly Span Amer LitCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
SPA304LECEarly Span Amer LitHumanities
SPA304LECEarly Span Amer LitLanguages
SPA305LECSpanish Lit Middle AgesHumanities
SPA305LECSpanish Lit Middle AgesLanguages
SPA310LECIntro Literary CriticismHumanities
SPA310LECIntro Literary CriticismLanguages
SPA311LECSurvey Span-Amer LitHumanities
SPA311LECSurvey Span-Amer LitLanguages
SPA312LECSurvey Span-Amer LitHumanities
SPA312LECSurvey Span-Amer LitLanguages
SPA313LECAdvanced GrammarHumanities
SPA313LECAdvanced GrammarLanguages
SPA314LECAdv Composit & ConversatHumanities
SPA314LECAdv Composit & ConversatLanguages
SPA317LECSpanish Lit Golden AgeHumanities
SPA317LECSpanish Lit Golden AgeLanguages
SPA319LECGolden Age of Spanish TheaterArts
SPA319LECGolden Age of Spanish TheaterHumanities
SPA319LECGolden Age of Spanish TheaterLanguages
SPA320LECContemp Span-Amer LitHumanities
SPA320LECContemp Span-Amer LitLanguages
SPA323LECBusiness SpanishHumanities
SPA323LECBusiness SpanishLanguages
SPA324LECMedical & Health SpanishHumanities
SPA324LECMedical & Health SpanishLanguages
SPA327LECSpan Culture & CiviliztnCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
SPA327LECSpan Culture & CiviliztnHumanities
SPA327LECSpan Culture & CiviliztnLanguages
SPA328LECSpan Am Cult &CivilizationCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
SPA328LECSpan Am Cult &CivilizationHumanities
SPA328LECSpan Am Cult &CivilizationLanguages
SPA330LECSpanish American ThemesHumanities
SPA330LECSpanish American ThemesLanguages
SPA333LECIntnsv Comm Span AbroadHumanities
SPA350LECTopics Sp Am Sh. StoryHumanities
SPA350LECTopics Sp Am Sh. StoryLanguages
SPA360LECSpan Amer Lit in TransHumanities
SPA361LECSpanish Lit in TranslatnHumanities
SPA382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheoryHumanities
SPA382LECIntro Sec Lang Acq TheorySocial Sciences
SPA394LECStudy Abroad: Madrid 2Humanities
SPA406LECEarly 20th C Span LitHumanities
SPA406LECEarly 20th C Span LitLanguages
SPA407LECContemp Lit of SpainHumanities
SPA407LECContemp Lit of SpainLanguages
SPA408LECHistory of Spanish CinemaHumanities
SPA408LECHistory of Spanish CinemaLanguages
SPA409LECAge of LorcaHumanities
SPA409LECAge of LorcaLanguages
SPA410LECSpanish Women WritersHumanities
SPA410LECSpanish Women WritersLanguages
SPA411LECSpanish American NovelHumanities
SPA411LECSpanish American NovelLanguages
SPA412LEC20c Span Amer NovelHumanities
SPA412LEC20c Span Amer NovelLanguages
SPA413LECGrammar:Writing & TransHumanities
SPA413LECGrammar:Writing & TransLanguages
SPA415LECSpanish-American PoetryHumanities
SPA415LECSpanish-American PoetryLanguages
SPA416LECSpanish-American TheatreArts
SPA416LECSpanish-American TheatreHumanities
SPA416LECSpanish-American TheatreLanguages
SPA421LECIntro to Span LinguisticsHumanities
SPA421LECIntro to Span LinguisticsLanguages
SPA422LECHist of Spanish LanguageHumanities
SPA422LECHist of Spanish LanguageLanguages
SPA423LECCervantes & Media ConditionHumanities
SPA423LECCervantes & Media ConditionLanguages
SPA435LECMexican FilmArts
SPA435LECMexican FilmHumanities
SPA435LECMexican FilmLanguages
SPA455LECSpanish PhonologyHumanities
SPA455LECSpanish PhonologyLanguages
SPA455LECSpanish PhonologySocial Sciences
SPA456LECSpanish SyntaxHumanities
SPA456LECSpanish SyntaxLanguages
SPA481SEMCuba TodayHumanities
SPA488SEMUndergrad Lit Sem AbroadHumanities
SPA999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
SPA999TR200200 Level ElectiveHumanities
SPA999TR200200 Level ElectiveLanguages
SPA999TR300300 Level ElectiveHumanities
SPA999TR300300 Level ElectiveLanguages
SPA999TR400400 Level ElectiveHumanities
SPA999TR400400 Level ElectiveLanguages
SPA999TRBIPBeyond Inter Proficiency-SPALanguages
SPA999TREPSElementary Proficiency-SPALanguages
SSC100LECCareers in Human ServicesSocial Sciences
SSC102LECIntro to Internat PoliticsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
SSC102LECIntro to Internat PoliticsSocial Sciences
SSC103SEMIntro to Hlth & Hum SrvcsSocial Sciences
SSC113SEMDeath and DyingSocial Sciences
SSC118LECIntro Environmental StudySocial Sciences
SSC208LECIntro to Child Dev&LearnSocial Sciences
SSC209LECCase ManagementSocial Sciences
SSC210SEMSkill Devel in Human SvcsSocial Sciences
SSC212LECSociology of DiversityCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
SSC212LECSociology of DiversitySocial Sciences
SSC213LECSocial Research MethodsSocial Sciences
SSC215LECLaw & Political ProcessSocial Sciences
SSC217LECEnvironmental ChemistrySocial Sciences
SSC218SEMIssues in Mental HealthSocial Sciences
SSC221LECWriting in the LawSocial Sciences
SSC225LECStats for Social SciencesMathematics
SSC225LECStats for Social SciencesSocial Sciences
SSC237LECMedical Ethics: Values in MedHumanities
SSC238LECScience Religion & NatureSocial Sciences
SSC300LECSociology of AgingSocial Sciences
SSC301LECCases in Civil LibertiesSocial Sciences
SSC302LECProtect Civil LibertiesSocial Sciences
SSC303LECConstitutional LawSocial Sciences
SSC304LECLegislative PoliticsSocial Sciences
SSC305LECAppl Child Devl&LearningSocial Sciences
SSC306LECJudicial PoliticsSocial Sciences
SSC307LECCriminologySocial Sciences
SSC311LECLives in Time and PlaceSocial Sciences
SSC313LECSociology of FamiliesSocial Sciences
SSC314LECPublic Policy MakingSocial Sciences
SSC315LECField EcologySocial Sciences
SSC315SEMField EcologySocial Sciences
SSC316LECSociology of GenderSocial Sciences
SSC317LECEnvironmental PoliticsSocial Sciences
SSC318LECCriminal Justice SystemsSocial Sciences
SSC319LECJuvenile JusticeSocial Sciences
SSC320SEMIssues in Dev. DisabilitiesSocial Sciences
SSC321LECOrg Theory Political InstSocial Sciences
SSC322LECMedical SociologySocial Sciences
SSC325LECRace & EthnicitySocial Sciences
SSC326SEMGreat Lakes EcologySocial Sciences
SSC329LECPopulation ProblemsSocial Sciences
SSC335LECSociology of AdolescenceSocial Sciences
SSC338LECLaw and MoralitySocial Sciences
SSC339LECInternational LawSocial Sciences
SSC343LECViolence and the FamilySocial Sciences
SSC347LECUrban SociologySocial Sciences
SSC348SEMLocal Envrion. ProblemsSocial Sciences
SSC350LECWater QualitySocial Sciences
SSC360SEMEnv Impact Stmnt & Resrce MgtSocial Sciences
SSC363LECThe Aging ProcessSocial Sciences
SSC365LECThe Family ProcessSocial Sciences
SSC373LECLaw & SocietySocial Sciences
SSC381SEMSeminar On Human AgingSocial Sciences
SSC385LECEnergy Environ & SocietySocial Sciences
SSC390SEMHuman Service AdminSocial Sciences
SSC391LECCog Sci ColloquiumSocial Sciences
SSC405LECSociology of DevianceSocial Sciences
SSC406LECLaw & the EnvironmentSocial Sciences
SSC407SEMHealth Care & ElderlySocial Sciences
SSC413LECAddictions TreatmentSocial Sciences
SSC414LECGrantwriting NonprofitsSocial Sciences
SSC415LECAddictions TreatmentSocial Sciences
SSC416LECEarly Childhood Ed Th& PrSocial Sciences
SSC417DISMulticultural ClientsSocial Sciences
SSC419SEMWildernessSocial Sciences
SSC420SEMChild Mental HealthSocial Sciences
SSC421LECInterventions and PlaySocial Sciences
SSC428SEMHealth LawSocial Sciences
SSC430LECHuman RightsCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
SSC430LECHuman RightsSocial Sciences
SSC434SEMTopics/Urban&Publ Pol StSocial Sciences
SSC441LECWildlife ManagementSocial Sciences
SSC442SEMEnvironmental MovementsSocial Sciences
SSC443SEMLaw, Legal Writing & AdvocacySocial Sciences
SSC446SEMAdv Topics Environmental SocSocial Sciences
SSC448LECAnimals, Zoos and EcologySocial Sciences
SSC479LABEnvir Educ FieldstudiesSocial Sciences
SSC493LABEcology of Unique Environ.Social Sciences
SSC999TRUB Area - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
SSC999TRCGECore - GeographySocial Sciences
SSC999TRCMHCommunity Mental HealthSocial Sciences
SSC999TRCNSCore Natural SciencesSocial Sciences
SSC999TRCPSCore- Intl StudSocial Sciences
SSC999TRCSSCore Social SciencesSocial Sciences
SSC999TRECHEarly ChildhoodSocial Sciences
SSC999TRESBNatural Science-BiologySocial Sciences
SSC999TRESLNatural Science-Bio LabSocial Sciences
SSC999TRESMResearch MethodsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRESSAnalytical SkillsSocial Sciences
SSC999TREVOBiology 200Social Sciences
SSC999TRHSBBIO RequirementSocial Sciences
SSC999TRHSIIntroductorySocial Sciences
SSC999TRHSMResearch methodsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRHSNIntermediateSocial Sciences
SSC999TRHSPPrerequisiteSocial Sciences
SSC999TRHSSAnalytical SkillsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRINAAdvanced - Africa/Mid EastSocial Sciences
SSC999TRINEAdvanced - EuropeSocial Sciences
SSC999TRINLAdvanced - Latin AmericaSocial Sciences
SSC999TRINMRegional AsiaSocial Sciences
SSC999TRINTIntroductory - Intl StudSocial Sciences
SSC999TRISHPrerequisite - HistorySocial Sciences
SSC999TRISPPrerequisite PSCSocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSAAnalytical SkillsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSEEnglish SkillsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSHPrerequisite - HistorySocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSIIntroductorySocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSPPrerequisite - Political SciSocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSRAdvanced - PSCSocial Sciences
SSC999TRLSUAdvanced - UpperSocial Sciences
SSC999TRPOLEnvironmental PolicySocial Sciences
SSC999TRRESEnvironmental ResourcesSocial Sciences
SSC999TRSGRSocial GerontologySocial Sciences
SSC999TRSPASpatial AnalysisSocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPAAdvanced - UrbanSocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPCCore-UrbanSocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPIIntroductorySocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPMResearch MethodsSocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPOPrerequisite - SociologySocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPPPrerequisite - Political SciSocial Sciences
SSC999TRUPSAnalytical SkillsSocial Sciences
STA111LECQuantitative ReasoningMathematics
STA112LECIntro to Prob & Sta 2Mathematics
STA119LECStatistical MethodsMathematics
STA119RECStatistical MethodsMathematics
SWA102LEC1st Yr-2nd Sem SwahiliLanguages
SWA192LABSpoken Swahili (Beg)Languages
SWA193LABSpoken Swahili (Int)Languages
SWA195LABAdvanced Spoken SwahiliHumanities
SWA201LEC2nd Yr-1st Sem SwahiliHumanities
SWA202LEC2nd Yr-2nd Sem SwahiliHumanities
TH100LEC100 Level CreditArts
TH101LECIntro to TheatreArts
TH105LECIntro to the Non MajorsArts
TH106LECIntro Technical TheatreArts
TH107LECCostume Construction IArts
TH108LECBasic Acting 1Arts
TH109LECBasic Acting 2Arts
TH126SEMTopics in Arts & CultureArts
TH201SEMScript AnalysisArts
TH203LECVisual ImaginationArts
TH205LECTechnical DraftingArts
TH207LABStage Makeup 1Arts
TH208LECMethod Acting 1Arts
TH209LECMethod Acting 2Arts
TH210SEMAudition WorkshopArts
TH212SEMImprovisation for StorytellersArts
TH220LECPerforming AmericaArts
TH220LECPerforming AmericaCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
TH227SEMVoice Training 1Arts
TH228SEMVoice Training 2Arts
TH230LECTheatre CraftsArts
TH301LECTheatre History & Lit 1Arts
TH302LECTheatre History & Lit 2Arts
TH303LECScene Design 1Arts
TH305LLBCostume Drafting&DrapingArts
TH306LECCostume Design 1Arts
TH307LABStage Makeup IArts
TH308SEMPoetic TextArts
TH309SEMActing in ShakespeareArts
TH314SEMIntroduction to DramaturgyArts
TH315LECModern Theatre 1Arts
TH316LECModern Theatre 2Arts
TH320LECAmerican DramaArts
TH325SEMPerformance & the CriticArts
TH331LECProbs in Tech TheatreArts
TH332LECLighting Design 1Arts
TH351LECPoetic TextArts
TH352LECPhysical Character StylesArts
TH370LECAge of ShakespeareArts
TH390LECDesign ResourcesArts
TH401SEMDirecting 1Arts
TH402SEMDirecting 2Arts
TH403SEMScene Design 2Arts
TH404SEMScene Design 3Arts
TH406SEMCostume Design 2Arts
TH408LECAudition TechniquesArts
TH409LECMime/Movement for ActorsArts
TH414LABTheatre Workshop 4Arts
TH420SEMIntro to Richards TechArts
TH421SEMDevised PerformanceArts
TH425SEMMedia and Performance SeminarArts
TH427LECVoice and MovementArts
TH433LECLighting DesignArts
TH439SRStudies in DesignArts
TH440LABStud in Design or TechnolArts
TH457SEMAct in Comedy of MannersArts
TH460SEMAsian Performing ArtsArts
TH464SEMBlack Theatre-Past&PresentArts
TH466SEMWomen in TheatreArts
TH468LECSources of Modern TheatreArts
TH477SEMProduction DramaturgyArts
TH478SEMArthur MillerArts
TH480SEMShakespeare On StageArts
TH481SEMIrish DramatistsArts
TH484SEMTheatre of MoliereArts
TH485SEMPlaywriting WorkshopArts
TH486SEMPlaywriting SeminarArts
TH487SEMMajor FiguresArts
TH488SEMMajor FiguresArts
TH493LLBAdvanced DirectingArts
TH999TRUB Area - ArtsArts
TH999TR100100 Level TH Elective CourseArts
TH999TR108PCredit for TH 108 by auditionArts
TH999TR109PCredit for TH 109 by auditionArts
TH999TR200200 Level TH Elective CourseArts
TH999TR208PCredit for TH 208 by auditionArts
TH999TR209PCredit for TH 209 by auditionArts
TH999TR227PTH 227, VOICE I by petitionArts
TH999TR300300 Level TH Elective CourseArts
TH999TR300P300 Level Credit by AuditionArts
TH999TR352PCredit for TH 352 by AuditionArts
TH999TR361PCredit for TH 361 by AuditionArts
TH999TR400400 Level TH Elective CourseArts
TH999TR411PCredit for TH 411 by AuditionArts
TH999TR451PCredit for TH 451 by AuditionArts
TH999TR461PCredit for TH 461 by AuditionArts
TH999TR485PCredit for TH 485 by AuditionArts
TH999TRELETH elective credit for majorsArts
TH999TRLITDramatic HIS&LIT Req-THArts
TH999TRPRCPracticum Req - THArts
THI191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem ThaiLanguages
THI192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem ThaiLanguages
THI193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem ThaiHumanities
THI193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem ThaiLanguages
THI194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem ThaiHumanities
THI194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem ThaiLanguages
THI196LAB3rd Yr-2nd Sem ThaiHumanities
THI196LAB3rd Yr-2nd Sem ThaiLanguages
THI999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
TNS112LRGlobalization and Soc JusCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TNS112LRGlobalization and Soc JusHumanities
TR999TRAFLSUNY GE Arts & Foreign LangArts
TR999TRAFLSUNY GE Arts & Foreign LangLanguages
TR999TRAMHSUNY GE American HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
TR999TRAOWCSUNY GE Arts & Othr Wrld CivArts
TR999TRAOWCSUNY GE Arts & Othr Wrld CivCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRAWCSUNY GE Arts & Western CivArts
TR999TRAWCSUNY GE Arts & Western CivCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRBSCSUNY GE Basic CommunicationBasic Communication
TR999TRFLSUNY GE Foreign LanguageLanguages
TR999TRFLOWSUNY GE Foreign Lang & Othr WoCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRFLOWSUNY GE Foreign Lang & Othr WoLanguages
TR999TRFLSSSUNY GE Foreign Lang & Soc SciLanguages
TR999TRFLSSSUNY GE Foreign Lang & Soc SciSocial Sciences
TR999TRFLWCSUNY GE Foreign Lang & West CiCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRFLWCSUNY GE Foreign Lang & West CiLanguages
TR999TRHASUNY GE Humanities & ArtsArts
TR999TRHASUNY GE Humanities & ArtsHumanities
TR999TRHAAHSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Am HistArts
TR999TRHAAHSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Am HistCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
TR999TRHAAHSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Am HistHumanities
TR999TRHAMSUNY GE Hum & American HistCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
TR999TRHAMSUNY GE Hum & American HistHumanities
TR999TRHAOWSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Othr WrldArts
TR999TRHAOWSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Othr WrldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRHAOWSUNY GE Hum & Arts & Othr WrldHumanities
TR999TRHAWCSUNY GE Hum & Arts & West CivArts
TR999TRHAWCSUNY GE Hum & Arts & West CivCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRHAWCSUNY GE Hum & Arts & West CivHumanities
TR999TRHFLSUNY GE Foreign Lang & HumHumanities
TR999TRHFLSUNY GE Foreign Lang & HumLanguages
TR999TRHOWSUNY GE Hum & Other World CivCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRHOWSUNY GE Hum & Other World CivHumanities
TR999TRHSSSUNY GE Humanities & Soc SciHumanities
TR999TRHSSSUNY GE Humanities & Soc SciSocial Sciences
TR999TRHUMSUNY GE HumanitiesHumanities
TR999TRHWCSUNY GE Hum & Western CivCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRHWCSUNY GE Hum & Western CivHumanities
TR999TRLSOWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & OWCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRLSOWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & OWLanguages
TR999TRLSOWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & OWSocial Sciences
TR999TRLSWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & WCCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRLSWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & WCLanguages
TR999TRLSWSUNY GE For Lan & Soc Sci & WCSocial Sciences
TR999TRMATSUNY GE Math ScienceMathematics
TR999TRNSSUNY GE Natural ScienceNatural Sciences
TR999TROWCSUNY GE Other World CivCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRSAOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & OWCArts
TR999TRSAOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & OWCCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRSAOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & OWCSocial Sciences
TR999TRSAWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & WCArts
TR999TRSAWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & WCCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRSAWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Arts & WCSocial Sciences
TR999TRSHOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & OWCCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRSHOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & OWCHumanities
TR999TRSHOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & OWCSocial Sciences
TR999TRSHWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & WCCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRSHWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & WCHumanities
TR999TRSHWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Hum & WCSocial Sciences
TR999TRSSSUNY GE Social ScienceSocial Sciences
TR999TRSSASUNY GE Soc Sci & ArtsArts
TR999TRSSASUNY GE Soc Sci & ArtsSocial Sciences
TR999TRSSAMSUNY GE Soc Sci & Amer HistoryCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
TR999TRSSAMSUNY GE Soc Sci & Amer HistorySocial Sciences
TR999TRSSOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Othr WrldCiv/Hist: Othr Wrld
TR999TRSSOWSUNY GE Soc Sci & Othr WrldSocial Sciences
TR999TRSSWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Western CivCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
TR999TRSSWCSUNY GE Soc Sci & Western CivSocial Sciences
TR999TRWCSUNY GE Western CivilizationCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
UBC401TUTGPC - ArtsArts
UBC402TUTGPC - LanguagesLanguages
UBC403TUTGPC - Civilization and HistoryCiv/Hist: Wstrn Civ
UBC404TUTGPC - HumanitiesHumanities
UBC405TUTGPC - Social SciencesSocial Sciences
UGC111LRWorld Civilization 1Civ/Hist: Othr Wrld
UGC112LRWorld Civilization 2Civ/Hist: Wstrn Civ
UGC211LECAmerican PluralismCiv/Hist: Amer Hist
UKR191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem UkrainianHumanities
UKR191LAB1st Yr-1st Sem UkrainianLanguages
UKR192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem UkrainianHumanities
UKR192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem UkrainianLanguages
UKR193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem UkrainianHumanities
UKR193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem UkrainianLanguages
UKR194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem UkrainianHumanities
UKR194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem UkrainianLanguages
UKR999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
ULC148LECPrecalc Intermed Algebra & TriMathematics
VIE192LAB1st Yr-2nd Sem VietnameseLanguages
VIE193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem VietnameseHumanities
VIE193LAB2nd Yr-1st Sem VietnameseLanguages
VIE194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem VietnameseHumanities
VIE194LAB2nd Yr-2nd Sem VietnameseLanguages
VIE195LAB3rd Yr-1st Sem VietnameseHumanities
VIE195LAB3rd Yr-1st Sem VietnameseLanguages
VIE999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities
VS150LECVisual Theory Aesth & CritArts
VS200LECDept of Art Speakers SeriesArts
VS260LECVisual Theory Aesth 2Arts
VS375LECScience Culture MediaArts
VS425LABDesigned PlayArts
VS449SEMTopics Contemporary PhotoArts
VS479SEMThe Revolutionary SublimeArts
VS480SEMDiscourse & DeconstructArts
VS487SEMSpace, Vision and PowerArts
VS999TRTransfer elective creditHumanities
WLP100DISLang Across CurrHumanities
WLP365LECMideastern SocietyHumanities
WLP999TRUB Area - HumanitiesHumanities