Do you want to see how
transfer courses match UB courses?

www.TAURUS.buffalo.edu has answers for you!

Follow these steps and read all the instruction notes in TAURUS:

1. Go to www.TAURUS.buffalo.edu, click Sign on to Taurus; then click Guest Login

2. Click the Course Equivalencies (CEG) link at the left margin

  • Select University at Buffalo from the School drop down menu

3. Two search methods are available:

  • Browse By School to view courses from a specific school that are matched in TAURUS.
  • Search By Course to view courses from all schools that have been matched to a single UB course.

4. In Browse By School you can search for transfer schools (in the TAURUS database) by Name, Region (state), or Distance. Select up to 5 schools then click Create Guide to see the report. Click Back to remove or add schools.

  • You can search by a single UB department or by (ALL) departments in a guide with more than one school. In a guide for a single school, you can select either UB or transfer departments.
  • If you are looking up a specific course, you should search by selecting that department and institution.
  • Blue text on the UB side indicates a link to the Messages Glossary. You must read these condition messages. They are considered part of the articulation!

5. For Search By Course results you must enter a UB course prefix and course number. Next, choose the School Name, State, or Distance where the campus offering the transfer course is located; then click Find.

NOTE: If your transfer courses are not matched to courses in CEG they may not yet be included in UB’s database. When you are admitted to UB, you’ll receive instructions on how to request course articulation.

Questions? Get quick answers from TAURUS by emailing us at taurus@buffalo.edu.